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Abellio ScotRail
Franchise(s): ScotRail
1 April 2015 - 31 March 2025
Main Region(s): Scotland
Other Region(s): Cumbria, Northumberland
Fleet size: 288 (2015)
Stations operated: 346
National Rail abbreviation: SR
Parent company: Abellio
Website: www.scotrail.co.uk

Abellio ScotRail,[1] operating services under the name ScotRail, is the national train operating company of Scotland, operated by Abellio,[2] a subsidiary of Nederlandse Spoorwegen, which has been running the ScotRail franchise since 1 April 2015.


In November 2013, Transport Scotland announced that Abellio, Arriva, FirstGroup, MTR Corporation and National Express had been shortlisted to bid for the new ScotRail franchise.[3] In October 2014, the franchise was awarded to Abellio.[4][5][6] The franchise will operate for seven years with a three-year extension available contingent on performance criteria being met.[7] Abellio began operating the franchise on 1 April 2015.

On 6 September 2015, Abellio ScotRail commenced operating services on the Borders Railway.[8]


File:Rail map scotland 2014.png
ScotRail routes highlighted in red

Abellio ScotRail took over all of the services operated by First ScotRail at 0200 on 1 April 2015, except for the Caledonian Sleeper services, which had been transferred to a separate franchise operated by Serco at 1400 the previous day.[9]

The franchise agreement requires the introduction of 'Great Scottish Scenic Railway' trains on the West Highland, Far North, Kyle, Borders Railway and Glasgow South Western lines. Steam special services will also be promoted by Abellio ScotRail.[10]


Abellio ScotRail operates 355 stations in Scotland.[11][12] Not included are Glasgow Prestwick Airport station, owned and operated by the airport,[13] and Edinburgh Waverley and Glasgow Central, managed by Network Rail.[14] Abellio ScotRail operates Lockerbie even though none of its services call there. It took over management of Dunbar, previously operated by Virgin Trains East Coast, in June 2015.[15]

Rolling stock

Abellio ScotRail began operations with the rolling stock below, mainly transferred from First ScotRail:[11][12]


Class Image Type Top speed Number Carriages Routes operated Built
mph km/h
Class 68 68007Waverley.jpg Diesel Locomotive 100 161 2 N/A Fife Circle Line
Future: West Highland Line
Mk2 Coach Passenger Carriage 100 160 12 6 1973-1975
156 Super Sprinter 150px DMU 75 120 48 2 Glasgow South Western Line, West Highland Line, Shotts Line,

Maryhill Line, Cumbernauld Line

158 Express Sprinter 158871Musselburgh.jpg 90 145 48 2 Far North Line, Maryhill Line, Kyle of Lochalsh Line,

Cumbernauld Line, Shotts Line, Fife Circle Line, Highland Main Line, Borders Railway, North Berwick Line (Occasional Saturday Services to Dunbar)

Class 170 Turbostar 170396 at Inverkeithing, 08 May 2013.JPG 100 161 55 3 Croy Line, Glasgow to Edinburgh via Falkirk Line, Glasgow to Aberdeen Line,

Edinburgh to Dunblane Line, Fife Circle Line, Edinburgh Crossrail, Highland Main Line, Borders Railway, North Berwick Line (Saturday Services to Dunbar and a peak time North Berwick Service)

Class 314 150px EMU 75 121 16 3 Cathcart Circle Lines, Inverclyde Line, Paisley Canal Line. 1979
Class 318 318 Motherwell.JPG 90 145 21 3 North Clyde Line, Argyle Line, Whifflet Line 1986-87
Class 320 320 Saltire.JPG 90 145 25[16] 3 North Clyde Line, Argyle Line, Whifflet Line 1990
Class 334 Juniper 334038 sits at Edinburgh Waverley, 05 April 2013.JPG 90 145 40 3 North Clyde Line, Argyle Line 1999-2002
Class 380 Desiro 380108 at Haymarket.jpg 100 160 38 3 and 4 Ayrshire Coast Line, Inverclyde Line, North Berwick Line,

Paisley Canal Line, Argyle Line, Cathcart Circle Line



Abellio ScotRail has mentioned the following as part of the future rolling stock.

Class Image Type Top speed Number Carriages Into Service Built
mph km/h
Class 385 Class 385 render.jpg EMU 100 161 70 3 and 4 24 by December 2017, a further 46 by December 2018 and an option for 10 in 2023.

These new build trains will operate on the Edinburgh-Glasgow via Falkirk High line. They are also to be used on the Stirling-Alloa/Dunblane line, south Glasgow suburban routes and the Edinburgh to North Berwick/Dunbar Local services

Class 43 43188 GWR by Chris Warman.jpg HST 125 201 27 4 and 5 December 2018 -

On longer-distance services between Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness.

Class 67 67004Waverley.jpg Diesel Locomotive 125 201 3 N/A From 2018 -
West Highland Line
Mark 2 Caledonian Sleeper bar car 6706 at Euston Station.jpg Lounge car
Passenger Carriage
100 160 22 6 1973-1975

Abellio ScotRail will introduce a brand new fleet of 46 three car and 24 four car Class 385 electric trains from December 2017, to operate services on the lines being electrified as part of the Edinburgh to Glasgow Improvement Programme, if it granted a three-year optional franchise extension, it will order a further 10 three car units.[17][18]

Abellio ScotRail will also introduce 14 four-carriage and 13 five-carriage refurbished High Speed Trains by December 2018 on longer-distance services between Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness.[5][19][20][21] This is contingent on the rolling stock being released by Great Western Railway, with suggestions in July 2015 that the electrification of the Great Western Main Line was running 12 months late.[22]

This new rolling stock will result in 10 Class 156, eight Class 158 and 21 (originally 34) Class 170s returning to their leasing companies.[23] 5 of the 156s released, all the 158s released and 16 of the 170s released will join Northern when their lease expire in 2018.[24] Transport Scotland has successfully negotiated a lease extension for 13 of their 170s meaning they'll be used to support services through Fife to Aberdeen and the Borders railway.[25]


Abellio ScotRail's fleet is maintained at Edinburgh Haymarket, Glasgow Eastfield, Glasgow Shields Road, Corkerhill and Inverness as well as a newly built stabling depot at Perth Friarton.


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