Adelaide of Meissen

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Adelaide of Meissen
Queen consort of Bohemia
Tenure 1198–1199
Born after 1160
Meissen, Germany
Died 2 February 1211 (aged 51?)
Meissen, Germany
Spouse Ottokar I of Bohemia
House House of Wettin
Přemyslid dynasty
Father Otto II, Margrave of Meissen
Mother Hedwig of Brandenburg

Adelaide of Meissen (Czech: Adléta, German: Adelheid; c. 1160 – 2 February 1211) was Queen of Bohemia as the first wife of King Ottokar I.[1]


Adelaide was born about 1160 as the daughter of Otto II, Margrave of Meissen. She met her future husband in the 1170s, in the time of his exile. It is possible that this marriage (1178) was forced on grounds of her pregnancy. Adelaide gave birth to a son, Vratislaus, soon.

Shortly after the marriage the couple could return to Bohemia—Ottokar's brother Frederick assumed the reins of Bohemia and Ottokar was one of the leaders of his army. In 1192 Ottokar himself became duke but in 1193 was deposed. He left Bohemia together with his family then.

Adelaide came to her brother and Ottokar became a mercenary of German dukes. In this time the couple got estranged. Ottokar decided to solve the problem in a way exclusive to all dynastic principles.

Two queens

In the end of 1197 Ottokar became duke for the second time. He repudiated his wife and also his adult son. Ottokar was at least 40 at that time and risked losing the heir. Adelaide and her daughters stayed in Meissen, while her son Vratislaus became a mercenary in Germany and Italy.

In 1199, Ottokar (now the king) divorced Adelaide, on grounds of consanguinity. They were both descendants of Henry of Schweinfurt and Mieszko II Lambert and were fifth cousin once removed or fourth cousin once removed. He married Constance of Hungary, who was Ottokar's fourth cousin thrice removed, later in the same year.[1] Adelheid did not waive her rights. In 1205 she returned to Prague for a while. Ottokar decided to marry his daughter with Adelaide, Margaret, to Valdemar II of Denmark in this time. However, Constance gave birth to a son, later king Wenceslaus I, in 1205. Then Adelaide and her daughters left Bohemia permanently.

The pope decided that the cessation of marriage is legal. Adelaide still struggled, but in 1210 definitely lost. She died in 1211 in Meissen.




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Adelaide of Meissen
Born: 1160? Died: 2 February 1211
Royal titles
Title last held by
Hellicha of Wittelsbach
Duchess consort of Bohemia
Last holder
Title last held by
Judith of Thuringia
Queen consort of Bohemia
Title next held by
Constance of Hungary