Adrenalin: Fear the Rush

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Adrenalin: Fear the Rush
File:Adrenalin Fear the Rush.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Albert Pyun
Produced by Tom Karnowski
Gary Schmoeller
Written by Albert Pyun
Starring Christopher Lambert
Natasha Henstridge
Music by Tony Riparetti
Cinematography George Mooradian
Edited by Ken Morrisey
Largo Entertainment
Toga Productions
Distributed by Legacy Releasing Corporation
Buena Vista Home Video
Dimension Films
Release dates
November 29, 1996 (1996-11-29)
Running time
United States:
77 minutes
94 minutes
94 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $37,536

Adrenalin: Fear the Rush is a 1996 American science-fiction-action film directed by Albert Pyun, starring Christopher Lambert and Natasha Henstridge. It is set in an alternative future in 2007, where the Soviet Union has collapsed and Russia is in disarray. Out of this chaos an unknown virus covers the earth and eventually the United States. the film was shot in Bratislava, Slovakia, with second unit work in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The film was heavily re-edited and reshot under orders of Bob Weinstein of Dimension Pictures. The major changes installed by Weinstein were resetting the film from Romania to Boston, U.S.A. and making the virus infection the principal plot device. Future Rogue Pictures president, Andrew Rona, supervised the re-edit for Dimension Pictures. The rewrites for the reshoots were done by Rand Ravich who would later create the short lived TV series "Life". Several versions of the film are in distribute. The official US version is 76 minutes long. There is a European/UK (Polygram) version that is 102 minutes long. Director/writer Albert Pyun has said in interviews he intends to restore and release a 110 minutes Director's Cut restoration of the film. This version is set entirely in Romania and has minor virus aspect in plot.


Originally to be shot in Prague, instead the shoot location was changed when it was decided to use the Croatian production team who previously worked with Pyun on "Captain America" in 1989. The shoot was scheduled for 16 days and Lambert worked for 10 days. Pyun would return to Bratislava to work with the same production team for Omega Doom, Crazy Six and the Urban trilogy. Stylistically, Pyun wanted to create a real time experience and shot the film as a news crew might cover a war. There was less reliance on narrative and traditional movie plotting and more akin to documentary style where action revealed the story and character. Pyun wanted longer takes with less coverage for editing to give the audience a "you-are-there" feeling.


The Soviet Union has dissolved into what is now Russia. Out of chaos comes a mysterious virus that eventually kills everyone who is exposed to it. The virus eventually reaches the United States through Boston, and the city is quarantined. A wall is built, cutting Boston off from the "mainland." All foreign immigrants are barred from entering the US since they may be carriers of the virus. The only people allowed out of the city are those with special passports, only available to those working with a government agency or through the black market.

Officer Delon (Henstridge) is a mother who desperately needs to get away from the quarantined city. She is about to give her son a black-market passport to the safe-zone when she is called in to duty.

A gang has been slaughtered by some kind of creature and the police are investigating. The monster has superhuman abilities including speed and strength. The team of police officers, including Delon and Lemieux (Lambert), are sent into the sewer system to capture or kill the creature. Slowly, the team is killed off one by one until only Delon and Lemieux remain. Delon stumbles across a team of scientists sent to kill the creature themselves. They know the creature is the source of the deadly virus and if it is not killed, it will "explode" and spread the virus all over Boston. Delon is then captured by the creature, along with two others. Delon eventually manages to kick the creature unconscious in order to gain enough time to break her restraints, grab a pistol, and kill it with numerous shots.

Delon is later rewarded with two passports to the safe-zone, one for her and for her son.


Critical reception

The film received negative reviews by getting 0% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 5 reviews.[1]


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