Aidin Eyalet

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Eyalet-i Aydın
Eyalet of the Ottoman Empire

Location of Aydin Eyalet
Eyalet of Aidin in 1861
Capital Aydın (1827-1841; 1843-1846)
İzmir[1] (1841-1843; 1846-1864)
 •  Established 1827
 •  Disestablished 1864
Today part of  Turkey

The eyalet of Aidin, also known as eyalet of Smyrna or Izmir (Ottoman Turkish: ایالت آیدین; Eyālet-i Āydīn‎)[2] was an eyalet of the Ottoman Empire.

After the Janissary corps was abolished in 1826, the administrative divisions of the Empire were changed, and the Eyalet of Anatolia was divided into 4. In 1841, the capital was moved to İzmir, only to be moved back to Aydın in 1843. Three years later, in 1846, the capital was moved to Izmir once again. With the adoption of the vilayet law in 1864, the eyalet was re-created as the Vilayet of Smyrna.[3]

Administrative divisions

Sanjaks of the Eyalet in the mid-19th century:[4]

  1. Sanjak of Saruhan (Manisa)
  2. Sanjak of Sığla (Izmir)[5]
  3. Sanjak of Aydın
  4. Sanjak of Menteşe (Muğla)
  5. Sanjak of Denizli


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