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Air Evac
Fleet size 5 fixed wing 80+ helicopters

Air Evac is a wholly owned subsidiary of PHI Air Medical, part of Petroleum Helicopters Inc, is a Medevac operator that provides services across Arizona, United States, Canada and Mexico. A provider of 80 helicopters, Air Evac also uses five Beechcraft B200 King Air airplanes for long range stable emergencies. The airline is a daily flight operator from Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. Apart from the Sky Harbor hub, the company has established several other hubs in Arizona, including Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona; Yuma, Arizona; Redding, California; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Grand Junction, Colorado.


Air Evac Services, Inc. (formerly Samaritan AirEvac) was established in 1969, in Phoenix, Arizona. Doctors at the Samaritan Hospital saw a need for prenatal and neonatal transportation from remote locations around Arizona. Arizona at the time had a high mortality rate of infants, newborns and mothers. By establishing Air Evac Service, Inc. the death rate, in Arizona, was reduced. Later years showed need for golden hour life saving transports within the city of Phoenix, Arizona so Air Evac Services, Inc. started providing helicopter service for injuries of car crashes and medical emergencies. Phoenix, Arizona is a unique location which allows for aircraft to be landed on city streets. In 1998 Petroleum Helicopters, Inc (PHI) purchased Air Evac Services, Inc. from Samaritan Healthcare.


Air Evac Services, Inc. has five Beechcraft B200 King Air aircraft that are put in use when a patient needs to be flown beyond helicopter range, Air Evac Services, Inc. relies heavily on their helicopters, as most of their transports involve landings in streets and avenues that are usually filled with electrical devices, police cars, fire apparatus, and bystanders.

They usually transport helicopter passengers to the nearest hospital and take their airplane passengers to the nearest airport, then transport the patients via ground ambulance to a hospital. The services of Air Evac Service, Inc. are used by the snowbirds. Snowbirds are winter visitors from cold northerly locations which migrate to Arizona for the warm, dry winters. When Snowbirds become sick and need to return to their original home they will utilize Air Evac Services, Inc.

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