Alaa Hussein Ali

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Ala'a Hussein Ali Al-Khafaji Al-Jaber
علاء حسين علي جبر الخفاجي
Kuwaiti Prime Minister Alaa Hussein Ali 1990 with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.jpg
Alaa Hussein Ali (left) with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, 1990.
Head of State of the Republic of Kuwait
In office
August 4, 1990 – August 8, 1990
Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq
In office
President Saddam Hussein
Prime Minister Saddam Hussein
Personal details
Born c. 1948
Political party Ba'ath Party
Profession Military officer
Military service
Allegiance  Kuwait
Rank Kuwait Lieutenant
Iraq Colonel

Ala'a Hussein Ali Al-Khafaji Al-Jaber (Arabic: علاء حسين علي خفاجي الجابر‎‎ ; born c. 1948) served as the head of a brief puppet government in Kuwait (the "Republic of Kuwait", August 4–8, 1990) during the initial stages of the Gulf War.

Ali held dual nationalities as an Iraqi and Kuwaiti, having grown up in Kuwait and studied in Baghdad where he became a member of the ruling Baath party. Having held a lieutenant's position in the Kuwaiti army prior to the invasion, Ali was promoted to colonel in Baghdad and placed at the head of a 9-member puppet government during the invasion. A week later Kuwait was annexed by Iraq and Ali became Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister. After Desert Storm, he was not heard of until 1998 when he fled to Norway through Turkey with his family under a fake name.

In 1993, Ali was sentenced in absentia to death by hanging for treason by the Kuwaiti government. In January 2000 he returned to Kuwait attempting to appeal the sentence. The court however, confirmed Ali guilty of treason again on May 3, 2000. In March 2001, his sentence was commuted to life in prison.[1]


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