Alabama Crimson Tide women's soccer

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Alabama Crimson Tide
Alabama Crimson Tide athletic logo

University University of Alabama
Conference SEC
Division Western
Location Tuscaloosa, AL
Head Coach Wes Hart
Stadium Alabama Soccer Stadium
(Capacity: 1,500)
Nickname Crimson Tide
Colors [[ (color)|]] and [[ (color)|]]



The Alabama Crimson Tide Women's Soccer Team is an intercollegiate varsity team representing the University of Alabama. The Alabama Crimson Tide competes in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) and in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Home games are played at the Alabama Soccer Complex on the University of Alabama campus. Todd Bramble was the head coach from 2008 until he resigned on March 6, 2015.


The inaugural season for women's soccer at the University of Alabama was in 1986, with Janko Emedi being the program's first coach. In the program's second year of existence with Coach Emedi, a winning record of 9-4-1 was achieved. Soccer at the University became absent between the years of 1989 and 1993, until Don Staley was hired as head coach in 1994 to re-establish a soccer program at the University of Alabama. The University of Alabama Soccer Field hosted its first soccer match on October 2, 1994, against Furman University. In 2004, the team moved to the new Alabama Soccer Complex. The Crimson Tide welcomed a new coach in 2008, when Todd Bramble was hired.

Coaching staff

Wes Hart is the current head coach of the Crimson Tide. He joined the staff on April 9, 2015.

Home Stadium

The Alabama Soccer Stadium was built in 2008. The stadium features a high-definition scoreboard that was transferred from Bryant-Denny Stadium. Unique among collegiate soccer stadiums, the large-sized scoreboard at the Alabama Soccer Stadium provides graphics for player introductions, game replays, and customized videos. Its seating capacity is 1,500.


Year Coach Overall Conference SEC Tourney Postseason
1986 Janko Emedi 2-9
1987 Janko Emedi 9-4-1
1988 Janko Emedi 8-8
1988-1993 no team
1994 Don Staley 13-5-1 2-1-1 1st round
1995 Don Staley 11-9-0 6-2 2nd round
1996 Don Staley 9-9-2 3-4-1 1st round
1997 Don Staley 14-6 7-1 1st round
1998 Don Staley 13-7-1 6-2 2nd round NCAA 1st Round
1999 Don Staley 6-14 3-6
2000 Don Staley 6-14 1-8
2001 Don Staley 10-7-1 2-6-1
2002 Don Staley 12-6-2 2-5-2
2003 Don Staley 9-8-2 2-5-2
2004 Don Staley 10-11 5-6 1st round
2005 Don Staley 8-8-2 2-7-2
2006 Don Staley 5-14 1-10
2007 Don Staley 9-10-1 2-8-1
2008 Todd Bramble 9-9-2 4-6-1 1st round
2009 Todd Bramble 6-11-1 2-8-1
2010 Todd Bramble 8-8-2 3-6-2
2011 Todd Bramble 10-9-3 4-5-2 2nd round NCAA 1st round
2012 Todd Bramble 8-9-2 2-8-2
2013 Todd Bramble 6-12-0 4-7-0
2014 Todd Bramble 10-7-3 5-4-2 1st round
2015 Wes Hart

Player Achievements

Year Player Award
1994 Taylor Eubank All-SEC 1st team
1994 Amy Pseja All-SEC 1st team
1995 Taylor Eubank All-SEC 2nd team
1995 Amy Pseja All-SEC 2nd team
1996 Amy Pseja All-SEC 1st team
1996 Ashley Kirkland All-SEC 2nd team
1997 Ashley Kirkland All-SEC 1st team
1997 Carrie Warner All-SEC 1st team
1998 Rachel Brown All-SEC 1st team
1998 Tiffany Carle All-SEC 2nd team
1999 Rachel Brown All-SEC 1st team
2000 Missy Keller All-SEC 2nd team
2002 Missy Keller All-SEC 2nd team
2003 Lauren Imwalle All-SEC 2nd team
2004 Libby Propst All-SEC 2nd team
2008 Brooke Rogers All-SEC 2nd team
2009 Justine Bernier All-SEC 2nd team
2010 Justine Bernier All-SEC 1st team
2010 Victoria Frederick All-SEC 2nd team
2011 Justine Bernier All-SEC 2nd team
2012 Justine Bernier Canadian Olympic Team