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Alalcomenae (Greek: Ἀλαλκομεναί) is the name of several towns in Greece.

Alalcomenae, Boeotia

Main article: Alalkomenes, Boeotia
Map of ancient Boeotia

Alalcomenae was a town on the south-west bank of Lake Copais in Boeotia. It was famous for a temple to the goddess Athena Alalcomeneis.[1]

Alalcomenae, Ithaca or Asteris

The ancient geographer Strabo refers to an Alalcomenae on the tiny island of Asteria, between Ithaca and Kefalonia (Homer calls the island Asteris).[2]

Plutarch, however, refers to Alalcomenae as a "city of the Ithacans".[3] This could mean that he imagined it as being on Ithaca, or merely that it belonged to Ithaca. Strabo's discussion makes it clear that it was an extremely minor village; nonetheless, because of Plutarch's reference one archaeological site on Ithaca now bears the name Alalkomenes.

Alalcomenae, Thessaly

Strabo refers to another Alalcomenae in his description of Thesprotia. The town still exists, now called Alalkomenes, in the Kalampaka area of Thessaly.[4]

Alalcomenae, Macedonia

A town in the territory of Deuriopus (Strabo 7.7.9)

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