Alejandro Rey

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Alejandro Rey
Born (1930-02-08)February 8, 1930
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died May 21, 1987(1987-05-21) (aged 57)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Cause of death Lung cancer
Occupation Actor, director
Years active 1953–86
Spouse(s) Cristina Rudy (1966–68)
Joyce Bowman Rey (1969–80)
Children 1

Alejandro Rey (February 8, 1930 – May 21, 1987) was an Argentine-American actor and television director. He emigrated to the United States in 1960, later became a U.S. citizen and gained his widest acclaim there.


Early work

Rey was born in Buenos Aires and studied acting under Hedwig Schlichter and Milagros de la Vega. He became known as an actor in Argentine movies. In 1957, he participated in the film El Diablo de vacaciones, directed by Ferruccio Cerio, with Nelly Panizza and Ana María Cassan, embarking on the ship Yapeyu to travel around the world, but filming did not conclude.[1] In 1960 he began working with Ana Casares forming the main couple of the television program "Maria Trastorno y yo", but within three months production had to be interrupted, after he was hired in the United States for a small role in Battle at Bloody Beach.[2]


Rey was most famous for his roles in movies such a Fun in Acapulco with Elvis Presley (1963), where although he receives no credit, his time on screen corresponds to that of a starring role, his only credited lead came later in the film The Stepmother (1972). On television, his best known role was that of casino owner and playboy Carlos Ramirez in The Flying Nun (1967–70), which became an international success. He also had memorable supporting and leading roles in two episodes of Thriller entitled "Guillotine" (1961) and "La Strega" (1962). In 1961 he made a guest appearance on the CBS courtroom drama series Perry Mason as murder victim and title character Vincent Danielli in "The Case of the Injured Innocent". He played a South American patriot in the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea episode 'The Mist of Silence." He portrayed a Spanish sergeant on a 1966 episode of Daniel Boone. He also appeared in a season one episode of The Fugitive entitled "Smoke Screen".[3]

Rey was part of an episode of Route 66, as an Jai Lai player in Florida, and brother to one of Fidel Castro's junior officers hoping to be re-united with his brother. Rey remained busy, playing the role of Karl Duval on Days of Our Lives from 1976 to 1977. He was also a frequent panelist on the game shows Tattletales and Match Game. He appeared as part of an ensemble cast in William Peter Blatty's 1980 film, The Ninth Configuration. In 1986, he played Captain Luis Rueda in Dallas. He also directed for television, with credits in Villa Allegre, "The Facts of Life" and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.[3]


Year Title Role Notes
1953 Dock Sud
1954 Guacho
1956 Cubitos de hielo
Enigma de mujer Felipe
1957 Alfonsina
Casa del angel, LaLa Casa del angel
Diablo de vacaciones, ElEl Diablo de vacaciones Filming did not conclude
1959 Solomon and Sheba
1961 Battle at Bloody Beach Julio Fontana
Maestra enamorada, LaLa Maestra enamorada
1963 Fun in Acapulco Moreno
1965 Synanon Chris
Blindfold Arthur Vincenti
1971 Sandpit Generals, TheThe Sandpit Generals Fray Jose Pedro
1972 Stepmother, TheThe Stepmother Frank Delgado
1974 Mr. Majestyk Larry Mendoza
Pacific Connection, TheThe Pacific Connection The Governor
1975 Breakout Sanchez
1976 High Velocity Alejandro Martel
1978 Swarm, TheThe Swarm Dr. Tomas Martinez
1979 Sunburn Fons
Cuba Faustino
1980 Ninth Configuration, TheThe Ninth Configuration Lieutenant Gomez
1984 Moscow on the Hudson Orlando Ramirez
1986 TerrorVision Spiro
Year Title Role Notes
1964 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Juan Diaz Season 3, Episode 4: "The Life Work of Juan Diaz"
1967–70 Flying Nun, TheThe Flying Nun Carlos Ramirez 82 episodes
1970 That Girl Felix Season 5, Episode 12: "That Señorita"
1971 Gunsmoke Father Sanchez
1975 Kung Fu Matteo
1975 Satan's Triangle Father Peter Martin
1976–77 Days of Our Lives Karl Duval
1981 Love Boat, TheThe Love Boat Carlos Jose Ramon Raul Sebastian Battista Ramirez
1983 Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess Eduardo Cansino
Grace Kelly Oleg Cassini
1984 Santa Barbara Dr. Ramirez
1986 The A Team Commandent Series 5, Episode 5
1986 Dallas Captain Luis Rueda


Rey remained busy until his death from lung cancer on May 21, 1987. He is interred in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California.[4]


Rey became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1967 while appearing in The Flying Nun. He married Joyce Bowman on May 24, 1969, in Los Angeles. She was the adopted daughter of attorney and long-time president of the Santa Ana School District Frank Bowman and his wife Dorothy. They had one son, Brandon A. Rey, who was born on February 9, 1973 in Los Angeles.


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