Alexander Livingston, 5th Lord Livingston

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Alexander Livingston, 5th Lord Livingston of Callandar (c. 1500–1553) was the guardian of Mary, Queen of Scots, during her childhood.

Alexander Livingston succeeded his father to the title of Lord Livingston in about 1518. His first wife was Janet Stewart. After her death, he married Lady Agnes Douglas, daughter of John Douglas, 2nd Earl of Morton, and by her he had eight children.

Lord Livingston became Queen Mary's guardian in about 1543. One of his daughters was Mary Livingston, who became a lady-in-waiting to the queen. When Queen Mary went to France in 1548 following her betrothal to the Dauphin, Livingston accompanied her, and remained there until he died.

Peerage of Scotland
Preceded by
William Livingston
Lord Livingston
c. 1518–1553
Succeeded by
William Livingston