Alexandria on the Indus

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Alexander on the Indus is located at the junction of the Indus and the Acesines.

Alexandria on the Indus (modern name: Uch, Pakistan) was a city founded by Alexander the Great at the junction of the Indus and the Acesines river.[1][2] Diodorus tells us that 10,000 colonists, mainly Thracian veterans and natives were settled there.[3]

The satrap of the west bank of the Indus, Philip, son of Machatas, was put in charge of building the city:

"He (Alexander) ordered him (Philip) to found a city there, just at the meeting of the two rivers, as he expected it would be great and famous in the world, and dockyards to be built." Arrian, Anabasis of Alexander, VI.15.3

Today the remains of the Greek town are thought to be inside the citadel mound, although significant damage to the mound resulted from a shift in the river. A UNESCO listing applies to the site.


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