Alfredas Kulpa-Kulpavičius

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Alfredas Kulpa-Kulpavičius (born March 28, 1923 in Baisogala) is a Lithuanian architect and artist best known for his work on Canadian churches.


Between 1941 and 1943, he studied at Vytautas Magnus University and from 1942-1943 at the Kaunas Institute of Applied Arts. In 1944, he moved to Germany and studied at the University of Hanover from 1946–1948, and the Darmstadt Technical University from 1948-1952. Since 1952, he has lived in Canada, where he established his architectural company in Toronto.[1]

Kulpa-Kulpavičius was responsible for work on many buildings, many of them churches. These include Our Lady's Church, Montreal (1952), St. St. Casimir's Church, Winnipeg and St. Gregory's Church, Toronto (1959), Lithuanian Martyrs' Church, Mississauga, Providence of God Church and Cultural Center, Detroit and St. Thomas Church, London (1978), Corporation Canadien Tire Building, Toronto (1979) etc. He was also the creator of small-scale architectural structures such as crosses and tombstones and built a collection of Canadian Inuit stone sculptures.

He returned to Lithuania in 2006.


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