Alice's Wonderland

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Alice's Wonderland
Alice Comedies series
Alice's Wonderland (1923), from the series Laugh-O-Grams.
Directed by Walt Disney
Produced by Walt Disney
Animation by Hugh Harman,
Rudolf Ising,
Ub Iwerks,
Carman Maxwell
Studio Laugh-O-Gram Studio
Release date(s) 1923
Color process Black and white
Running time 12 minutes 29 seconds
Country United States
Language Silent film
Followed by Alice's Day at Sea

Alice's Wonderland (1923) is a Walt Disney short silent film, in black and white, produced in Kansas City, Missouri. This short was the first of Walt Disney's famous Alice Comedies and had a working title of Alice in Slumberland. The film was never shown theatrically, but was instead shown to prospective film distributors. It was included as a bonus feature in the Special "Un-Anniversary Edition" of Alice in Wonderland.


Alice (Virginia Davis) visits an animation studio, where the animators (including Walt Disney) show her various scenes on their drawing boards. A few of them: a cat dancing to a cat band; a mouse poking at a cat until it moves; a couple of mice boxing, while the animators crowd around cheering and acting as corner-men. That night, she dreams of taking a train to cartoon-land, where a red carpet reception awaits. She appears in live action. They have a welcoming parade, with Alice riding on an elephant. The cartoons dance for her, and she dances for them. Meanwhile, the lions break out of the zoo. The lions chase her into a hollow tree, then into a cave and down a rabbit hole. Finally, she jumps off a cliff and awakes back in her bed.


  • Scenario And Direction By Walt Disney
  • Photographed By Ub Iwerks And Rudolph Ising
  • Technical Direction By Hugh Harman And Carman Maxwell
  • Copyright 1922 Disney Cartoons

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