All Nippon Airways Flight 533

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All Nippon Airways Flight 533
An NAMC YS-11 of All Nippon Airways, similar to the accident aircraft
Accident summary
Date November 13, 1966
Summary Undetermined
Site Seto Inland Sea off Matsuyama
Passengers 45
Crew 5
Injuries (non-fatal) 0
Fatalities 50 (all)
Survivors 0
Aircraft type NAMC YS-11-111
Operator All Nippon Airways
Registration JA8658
Flight origin Osaka International Airport
Destination Matsuyama Airport

All Nippon Airways Flight 533, registration JA8658, was a NAMC YS-11 en route from Osaka, Japan, to Matsuyama on the island of Shikoku. It was the fifth crash in Japan in 1966 and the second one experienced by All Nippon Airways that year, the first being the loss of Flight 60 on February 4. It was also, at the time, the deadliest crash of an NAMC YS-11, and remains the second-deadliest after Toa Domestic Airlines Flight 63, which crashed in 1971 with 68 deaths.

The plane left Osaka International Airport in Itami at 19:13. At approximately 20:20 it arrived at Matsuyama Airport and was cleared to land on runway 31. On its final approach, the plane was higher than normal and touched down 460 metres beyond the runway threshold. The plane continued on the ground for 170 metres before taking off again for a go-around. The plane reached a height of 70-100 metres, turned left, lost altitude, and crashed into the Seto Inland Sea at approximately 20:30. The reason for the loss of altitude that caused the crash was never determined.

The flight number NH533 is still used on flights today from Tokyo Haneda to Takamatsu Airport.