Alonso Gutiérrez

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Fray Alonso de la Vera Cruz monument in Tiripetío, Michoacán.

Alonso Gutiérrez, also known as Alonso de la Vera Cruz (c. 1507 – 1584) was a Spanish philosopher and Augustinian, who took the religious name da Vera Cruz. He became a major intellectual figure in New Spain, where he worked from 1535 to 1562, and from 1573 to his death,[1] and in the history of Mexico.

Gutiérrez was born in Caspueñas, Guadalajara. He studied under Francisco de Vitoria, at Salamanca University.[2]

He wrote in favour of the human rights of the conquered peoples.[3] In 1553 he became the first professor of the University of Mexico. He died in Mexico City.


  • Writings of Alonso de la Vera Cruz (five volumes; edited and translated by Ernest J. Burrus).


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