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Alt★Hero logo (2018)

Alt★Hero or Alt-Hero is an alternative comic series that was launched by Castalia House as a FreeStartr crowd-funded campaign in late 2017. Three comic volumes were initially announced, along with two ebook novels, and various works in other media.[1] All titles are published in English and other languages under the Arkhaven Comics imprint. The series is intended to challenge and eventually replace the comics of DC Comics and Marvel Comics.


Regular Issue #1 of the Alt★Hero series, titled "Crackdown", was released in print on May 30, 2018 to positive reviews.[2]

"Alt★Hero #2: Rebel's Cell",[3] and "Alt★Hero #3: Reprisal"[4] were released in July and August, 2018, through the Arkhaven Direct bookstore, and elsewhere. These titles were also available in limited run "gold logo" editions for $2.99. Issues were released on a regular schedule, with Issue #4 released in September 2018, followed by #5 in December.[5]

In July 2018, Arkhaven started a spin-off Alt★Hero series, titled "Chuck Dixon's Avalon #1: The Street Rules". Written by renowned comic book writer Chuck Dixon, the first issue featured art by Frank Fosco.[6]

In late August 2018, an Indiegogo campaign funded the launch of "Alt★Hero: Q", a 150-page graphic novel in six parts inspired by the QAnon phenomenon, written by Chuck Dixon and illustrated by Hélix Haze.[7][8] However, on October 11, 2018, the successful crowdfunding campaign was shut down retroactively by Indiegogo. The politically progressive company allegedly considered the comic's alt-right plot to be unacceptable. The shutdown was a small part of 2018's online "censorship wars", that had seen the deplatforming of many right-wing content creators. Legal options were being considered by the publisher. Jon Del Arroz's "The Ember War" Arkhaven Comics campaign continued on Indiegogo.[9] Within weeks, Arkhaven reported they had independently raised the needed money.[10]


Alt★Hero is set in an alternate universe where the Wehrmacht generals overthrew Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in 1939, and where the first atomic bomb was dropped on the order of Reichskanzler Jodl on Soviet territory in 1944, leading to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1956. In this world, there also exist a small number of advanced humans, called Homo Sapiens Sequens, who comprise some of the heroes and villains of the story. They are hired or drafted for various purposes by national governments, the EU, and the UN; though many choose to remain hidden.

The series has a right-wing or alt-right storyline. It includes political themes and controversies that mainstream comics might reject, to avoid appearing politically incorrect. For example, one scene included an attempted rapist who was also an illegal immigrant. Many -though not all- of the villains are associated with left-wing or large collectivist organizations. There are numerous antiheroes, or otherwise flawed characters. The series was started as a counterbalance to the alleged imposition of left-wing politics, and a larger SJW convergence trend, of mainstream comics.[11]

Characters include Captain Europa, representing authoritarian idealism and progressive "global justice", and the more rogue and right-wing hero Hammer.[12] Captain Europa in particular resembles aspects of Superman as he appeared in the 1986 comic "The Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller, as well as Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen.


Vox Day is the primary creator and lead designer of the Alt★Hero world, as well as a contributing author and character developer. Jon Del Arroz is a contributing writer. Chuck Dixon was signed as a writer and character developer in October, 2017. Gerry Kissell was hired as lead artist for one of the titles. Illustrators include Cliff Cosmic and Richard Bonk.[13]


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