American Family Day

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American Family Day
Observed by Arizona, United States
Date First Sunday in August
2020 date August 2  (2020-08-02)
2021 date August 1  (2021-08-01)
2022 date August 7  (2022-08-07)
2023 date August 6  (2023-08-06)
Frequency annual

American Family Day is the 14th state-recognized holiday in Arizona, Title 1-301.[1][2] American Family Day, much like Mothers Day or Father's Day is a non-paid holiday established as a separate day to appreciate family members by spending time with them. Families are discouraged from buying gifts or other material items.

Arizona resident, John Makkai, is credited with pushing the holiday through the Arizona legislation. American Family Day began as a 1-year proclamation, signed by then Governor Raúl Héctor Castro, declaring August 7, 1977 American Family Day. The following year, American Family Day was signed into law as an official Arizona holiday by Governor Bruce Babbitt. The holiday also caught on in several other states, including North Carolina[3] and Georgia.

From the Georgia Department of Education Parent Engagement Program,[4] "American Family Day- this day brings families together to share their love and appreciation of one another."

Note: Not to be confused with the commercial company, American Family Holiday, which popularized on the American Family Day holiday name.

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