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Amusement rides, sometimes called carnival rides, are mechanical devices or structures that move people to create enjoyment.

Flat rides are usually considered to be those that move their passengers in a plane generally parallel to the ground, such as rides that spin around a vertical axis, like carousels and twists, and ground level rides such as bumper cars and The Whip.[1][2]

Gravity rides are those where gravity is responsible for all or some of the movement, and where any vertical movement is not about a fixed point, such as roller coasters and water slides.[1]

Vertical rides usually move their passengers in a vertical plane and around a fixed point, such as Ferris wheels, Enterprise, and Skydiver.[1]

Title Image Type Notes
Ali Baba Jambore.JPG Pendulum ride
Alpine slide Alpine Slide in Golden.jpg
AquaLoop Water ride
Backyard railroad Backyard railroad featuring Hanko-Hyvinkää Railroad 4-4-0 and freight train models.jpg Train ride
Balloon Race Pallokaruselli Linnanmäki Helsinki.JPG
Bayern Kurve Bayern Kurve Day 1.jpg
Black hole Dark ride
Booster (Fabbri) Hydro Max.JPG Pendulum ride
Booster (HUSS) Kieppi Linnanmäki Helsinki.JPG
Breakdance Breakdance-Mueller Corny.jpg
Bumper boats Bumper boats (2).jpg Water ride
Bumper cars BumperCar.jpg
Carousel ManègeLR1.jpg
Caterpillar 080605 1158 overhead caterpillar Canobie Lake Park.jpg
Chairlift Hunter4.jpg
Cliffhanger SantaCruz BeachBoardwalk CliffhangerInFlight DSCN9414.JPG
Disk'O Cavalerie Disk'O Zamperla Fraispertuis City.JPG
Devil's wheel Oktoberfest 2011 Teufelsrad.JPG
Dive Bomber[3]
Double Shot 16-doubleshot.jpg Drop tower
Enterprise Enterprise på TusenFryd.jpg
Evolution 120px
Ferris wheel London Eye Twilight April 2006.jpg
Fireball Spring Fling Festival 2013 35.JPG
Fishpipe Water ride
FlowRider Flowrider.jpg Water ride
Flying Scooters Flyers-IndianaBeach.jpg
Freefall Freefall at SFOG.jpg Drop tower
Frisbee SpinSpider.JPG Pendulum ride
Fun Slide Astroglide slide.jpg
Gravitron 120px
Gyro tower Aussichtsturm im Heide-Park.jpg
Hayride 120px
Helter skelter Helter skelter.jpg
Hurricane Hurricaneride.jpg
Jump and Smile Jumpin Frog, night.jpg
Kamikaze Kamikase.jpg Pendulum ride
Kiddie ride Kiddyride.jpg
Lazy river 120px Water ride
Log flume PirateFalls.JPG Water ride
Looping Starship 120px Pendulum ride
Loop-O-Plane Feature. Belmont Park BAnQ P48S1P09132.jpg
Madhouse Dark ride
Matterhorn Terminator and Paratrooper, night.jpg
Mechanical bull Woman riding mechanical bull.jpg
Monster 120px
Motion simulator Motion simulator.JPG
Music Express Musikexpress.JPG
Octopus Mustelaka linnanmäki.JPG
Old Mill Water ride
Omnimover Train ride
Orbiter Extreme - Orbiter, spinning night.jpg
Paratrooper ParatrooperRide2013.jpg
Pirate Ship Viikinki Linnanmäki Helsinki.JPG Pendulum ride
Power Surge Power Surge cr.png
Rainbow Sateenkaari (Rainbow).JPG
Ranger Pendulum ride
Red Baron
Reverse bungee Power Shot - Reverse Bungee 02.jpg
River caves Water ride
River rapids ride Efteling Pirana.jpg Water ride
Rockin' Tug Rockin' Tug at DippieDoe.JPG
Rock-O-Plane Amusement park ride.jpg
Roller coaster Luna Park Melbourne scenic railway.jpg Train ride The roller coaster is an amusement ride developed for amusement parks and modern theme parks. LaMarcus Adna Thompson obtained a patent regarding roller coasters on January 20, 1885, which were made out of wood, but this patent is considerably later than the "Russian mountains" described in the article.
Rotor Rotormidcyclelunapraksyd.JPG
Round Up Roundupride.jpg
Russian Mountains
Screamin' Swing Xtreme Swing.jpg Pendulum ride
Shoot the Chute Snake River Falls-Cedar Point.jpg Water ride
Sky Swat Slammer at Thorpe Park.jpg
Skycoaster Xtreme Skyflyer (Arch Tower).JPG
Skydiver 120px
Space Shot Space Shot.jpg Drop tower
Speed Speed ride crop.jpg Pendulum ride
Spin Out
Star Flyer VolksfestStarFlyer.jpg Swing ride
Super Shot Drop tower
Super Star
Swing Around
Swing boat Carter's Steam Fair, Prospect Park - - 1002180.jpg Pendulum ride
Tagada Picswiss BS-55-96.jpg
Teacups Kahvikupit Linnanmäki Helsinki.JPG
The Whip Fatty at Coney Island.jpg
Tilt-A-Whirl Tilt-A-Whirl in Saskatchewan.jpg
Top Scan Samurai Thorpe Park.jpg
Top Spin Kieputin on Linnanmäki amusement park Helsinki Finland.JPG
Topple Tower Toppletower.jpg Pendulum ride
Tornado (Mondial) ShakeAachen.JPG
Tornado (ProSlide) Zinga.jpg Water ride
Tornado (Wisdom) Tornado Ride.jpg
Tow boat ride Water ride
Troika Troika Cedar Point.jpg
Tumble Bug Kennywood Turtle DSCN2732.JPG
Tunnel of love Dark ride
Turbo Drop Down Time.jpg Drop tower
Twist Twister, sunset.jpg
UFO UFOHalflift.jpg
Waltzer Mannings Supreme Waltzer, spinning 02.jpg Water ride
Water slide Wet'n'Wild Water World Australia Mach 5.jpg Water ride
Wind Seeker Windseeker Cedar Point.jpg Swing ride
Wipeout Trabant Valleyfair.jpg
Zipper Zipper Ride From Paradise Amusements.jpg


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