André de Resende

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André de Resende
Born c. 1500
Évora, Portugal
Died 9 December 1573 (1573-12-10) (aged 73)
Évora, Portugal
Nationality Portuguese
Occupation Dominican friar, humanist

André de Resende (1498–1573), the father of archaeology in Portugal, a Dominican friar.

He spent many years traveling in Spain, France and Belgium, where he corresponded with Erasmus and other learned men. He was also intimate with King John III and his sons, and acted as tutor to the Infante D. Duarte.

Resende enjoyed considerable fame in his lifetime, but modern writers have shown that he is neither accurate nor scrupulous. In Portuguese he wrote:

  1. Historia da antiguidade da cidade de Evora (ibid. 1553)
  2. Vida do Infante D. Duarte (Lisbon, 1789)

His chief Latin work is the De Antiquitatibus Lusitaniae (Evora, 1593).

See the "Life" of Resende in Farinha's Collecção das antiguidades de Evora (1785), and a biographical-critical article by Rivara in the Revista Litteraria (Porto, 1839), iii. 340-62; also Cleynaerts, Latin Letters.

He is buried in the chapel of the right transept of the Cathedral of Évora, Portugal.


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