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Cooked anfu ham

Anfu ham (Chinese: 安福火腿; pinyin: Ānfú huǒtuǐ) is a Chinese dish from Anfu, Jiangxi. Anfu is famous for ham. In Anfu, there is a special company producing it. Anfu ham is made of ham which is smoked by fire. It is a little salty. Many places know how to make it, but Anfu ham in Anfu itself is known to be the most delicious.[1]

Anfu ham originates from the Qin Dynasty. In 1915, Anfu ham was featured in the Panama–Pacific International Exposition.[2]

In the past, people used it to treat very important people. And now, it is a very famous dish. Its skin is very thin but the meat is very thick. It is red with a yellowish tint.[1], a project of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China and the China Daily, described its shape as being "like willow leaves".[2]

Anfu ham is one of the most famous ham dishes in the world. Its famous reputation is not only for the special taste, but also because it can be preserved for one or two years. Usually it will have a more delicious taste if it is preserved for a longer time. Because of this, Anfu ham became a more famous dish.[1]


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