Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada candidates, 2011 Canadian federal election

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This is a list of nominated candidates for the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada in the 2011 Canadian federal election.[1]

Ontario - 6 seats

Candidate's Name Notes Gender Residence Occupation Votes % Rank
Davenport Simon Luisi Member of Fair Vote Canada, Davenport candidate for AAEV in 2008. M Davenport, Toronto Self-employed courier 128 0.33 6/6
Guelph Karen Levenson Director, Animal Alliance of Canada. Involved in local anti-trapping Guelph by-law, 2009. F Guelph Campaigner with Animal Alliance of Canada (AAC), and a consultant with The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) 116 0.20 7/8
London North Centre AnnaMaria Valastro Co-director of the Peaceful Parks Coalition, former Greenpeace Canada employee, 12 years. F London Native plant and organic gardener 229 0.43 5/5
Newmarket—Aurora Yvonne Mackie Ran for Newmarket town council, 2000. F Newmarket Retired teacher 182 0.31 6/6
Thornhill Liz White Party leader. Running versus the incumbent Minister of the Environment. F Toronto Director of Animal Alliance of Canada for 18 years. 215 0.36 5/5
Toronto—Danforth Marie Crawford Was "a board member of a major animal rights protection organization". Former restaurant won various awards, from Toronto Sun, PETA, NOW. F Toronto Fitness trainer, formerly a restaurateur (1996-2006) 387 0.80 5/5

Northwest Territories - 1 seat

Candidate's Name Notes Gender Residence Occupation Votes % Rank
Western Arctic Bonnie Dawson Founder of Action for the Protection of Northern Animals (2009), active campaigning since 2007 for animal protection laws.[2][3] F Hay River, Northwest Territories Civil servant, federal (1972-1984) 87 0.56 5/5


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