Ankhesenpepi I

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For other Egyptian ladies called Ankhesenpepi see Ankhesenpepi
Ankhesenpepi I
Queen consort of Egypt
Burial Unknown
Spouse Pharaoh Pepi I
Issue Merenre Nemtyemsaf I
Dynasty Sixth dynasty of Egypt
Father Khui
Mother Nebet
Religion Ancient Egyptian religion
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> S34 n
in hieroglyphs

Ankhenespepi I or Ankhenesmeryre I was a queen consort during the sixth dynasty of Egypt.


Ankhesenpepi was a daughter of Nebet the female vizier and her husband Khui. Ankhesenpepi's sister was Ankhenespepi II, and her brother was Vizier Djau.[1]

Both sisters - Ankhesenpepi I and II - were married to Pharaoh Pepi I whose throne name was Meryre; their name was probably taken when the marriage took place, since it means "Her life belongs to Pepi/Meryre". Both queens gave birth to successors of Pepi: the son of Ankhenespepi I was Merenre Nemtyemsaf I, who ruled only for a few years; the son of Ankhenespepi II was Pepi II, who succeeded after Nemtyemsaf's death.[2]

She is mentioned together with her sister on their brother's stela in Abydos, also, at her pyramid, on an inscription now in Berlin, and a decree in Abydos.[3]

Her titles were: King's Wife, King's Mother, Great of Sceptre.[3]


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