Anne of Bavaria

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Anna of Bavaria
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Queen consort of Germany
Tenure 1349–1353
Queen consort of Bohemia
Tenure 1349–1353
Queen consort of the Romans
Tenure 1349–1353
Born 26 September 1329
Died 2 February 1353 (aged 23)
Spouse Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor
Issue Wenceslaus (died young)
House Luxembourg dynasty (by marriage)
House of Wittelsbach (by birth)
Father Rudolf II, Duke of Bavaria
Mother Anne of Tirol

Anne of Bavaria (or of the Palatinate; Czech: Anna Falcká; 26 September 1329 – 2 February 1353) was a queen consort of Bohemia. She was the daughter of Rudolf II, Duke of Bavaria and Count Palatine of the Rhine, and Anna, daughter of Otto III of Carinthia.

She was a member of the House of Wittelsbach.

Anna married Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV on 11 March 1349 in the town of Bacharach on the Rhine. She became the second wife of Charles after the death of his first wife, Blanche of Valois, in 1348.

On 26 July 1349 in Aachen, Anna was crowned Queen of Rome. Months later she was crowned Queen of Bohemia; she was seven months pregnant at the time.

In 1350, Anna gave birth to the long desired son, Wenceslaus, who died one year later, in 1351. Anna did not have more children and died herself in 1353 at the age of twenty-three.

Charles was widowed for a second time and still had no son. He then married Anna von Schweidnitz, who gave birth to the desired heir, Wenceslaus, King of the Romans.


German royalty
Preceded by
Blanche of Valois
German Queen
Succeeded by
Anna von Schweidnitz
Queen of the Romans
Queen consort of Bohemia