Anysia of Salonika

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Anysia of Salonika
Born 284
Salonika, Thessaly, Greece
Died 304
by the gate of Cassandra
Venerated in Eastern Orthodox Church
Roman Catholic Church
Feast 30 December

Saint Anysia of Salonika was a Christian virgin and martyr of the 4th century.

Anysia was born to a wealthy and pious Christian family in Salonika. She dedicated herself to vows of chastity and poverty, praying and helping the poor. The legend of her martyrdom states that in 304, a Roman soldier apprehended her as she was on her way to services. Discovering she was a Christian, he beat her, and intended to drag her to a pagan temple to sacrifice to Roman gods. When he tore off her veil (a reminder of her vow of chastity), she spit in his face, and he murdered her.[1]


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