Aoi Yūki

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Aoi Yūki
photo of Aoi Yūki
Native name 悠木 碧
Born Aoi Yabusaki (八武崎 碧?)[1]
(1992-03-27) March 27, 1992 (age 26)
Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Voice actress, singer
Years active 1996-present
Agent Pro-Fit
Notable credit(s) Puella Magi Madoka Magica as Madoka Kaname
Height 1.45 m (4 ft 9 in)[2]
Musical career
Genres J-pop
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2012–present
Labels FlyingDog
Associated acts Petit Milady

Aoi Yabusaki (八武崎 碧 Yabusaki Aoi?, born March 27, 1992), better known by her stage name Aoi Yūki (悠木 碧 Yūki Aoi?) is a Japanese voice actress, and singer from Chiba Prefecture. She is represented by the Pro-Fit agency.[2]

When she was 16, she played the seven-year-old Murasaki Kuhōin in Kure-nai. She had two roles in 2008, eight in 2009, and twelve in 2010. She graduated from high school in March 2010, and university in March 2014.[3][4]


Yūki entered the entertainment industry at the age of four.[5] As a child, she acted in films and dramas. From 1999 until 2002, she made regular appearances on the variety shows Appare Sanma Dai-sensei and Yappari Sanma Dai-sensei which aired on Fuji TV. When she was in fifth grade, she made her debut as a voice actress.[5]

Until the end of 2006, she was affiliated with the theater company Central.[6] After her admission to college in August 2007, she joined the agency Breath, changing her stage name to Aoi Yūki. She got her first major role in 2008 in Kure-nai[7] as Murasaki Kuhōin. In August of the same year, she moved to the agency Pro-Fit.

In 2009, she starred in two anime: Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu and Yumeiro Patissiere as Riko Mikogami[8] and Ichigo Amano,[9] respectively. After that, she voiced the protagonists of several of her series, notably Iris from Pokémon: Best Wishes![10] and Victorique de Blois from Gosick.[11]

In 2011, Yūki voiced the eponymous character of the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Madoka Kaname.[12] In October of the same year, she won the award for best voice actor in the Newtype x Machi Asobi Anime Awards. In 2012, she was awarded the Best Lead Actress Award in the 6th Seiyu Awards.[13]

In 2013, Yūki, together with voice actress Ayana Taketatsu, formed the singing unit Petit Milady.[14] Together, they performed the song "Kagami no Dual-ism" (鏡のデュアル・イズム The Mirror of Dual-ism?), which was used as the third opening theme to the 2013 anime television series Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal II, and in 2014, performed the song "azurite", which was used as the opening theme to the 2014 anime television series The Pilot's Love Song.[15]


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On March 28, 2012, she released her first solo album Petipa.[17] Her first single, "VisuMania", was released on January 29, 2014, which is used as the ending theme to the anime television series World Conquest Zvezda Plot.[18]


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