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In Greek mythology, Archelochus (Ἀρχέλοχος) was a son of Antenor and along with his brother, Acamas, and Aeneas, shared the command of the Dardans fighting on the side of the Trojans.[1] According to the Iliad, when the Trojan army was broken up into five divisions Archelochus was one of the three leaders of his division along with the other two Dardanian leaders.[2] Later in the poem he is killed by Ajax son of Telamon, when the latter throws a spear at Polydamas but it misses the intended target and instead hits Archelochus in the neck:

Swiftly then he [Ajax] cast with his bright spear at the other, even as he was drawing back. And Polydamas himself escaped black fate, springing to one side; but Archelochus, son of Antenor, received the spear; for to him the gods purposed death. Him the spear smote at the joining of head and neck on the topmost joint of the spine, and it shore off both the sinews. And far sooner did his head and mouth and nose reach the earth as he fell, than his legs and knees.[3]


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