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Are Kalvoe
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Born (1969-12-31) December 31, 1969 (age 49)

Are Kalvø (born 31 December 1969) is a Norwegian writer and satirist.

He was born in Stranda. His debut work as writer was Absolutt Oslo, released in 1994. Later satirical books were Kunsten å vere neger (1996), Men fjernkontrollen min får du aldri (1997), Harry (1999), Bibelen 2 (2002, with Steffen Kverneland), Syden (2002) and Våre venner kinesarane (2007). His first work as a fiction writer was Nød, released in 2004.[1] He writes in nynorsk.

He wrote the revues 1000 år og like blid (1998, with Ragnar Hovland), and Det folk vil ha (2005). Both premiered at Det Norske Teatret.[1] He was also one of the main participants in the satiric radio program Hallo i uken in NRK P2 until the summer of 2009, together with Espen Beranek Holm and Else Michelet.[2]


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