Arizona Fall League

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Arizona Fall League
Arizona Fall League logo
Sport Baseball
Founded 1992
No. of teams 6
Country USA
Most recent champion(s) Scottsdale Scorpions (3)
Most titles Glendale Desert Dogs (6)
Official website Official website

The Arizona Fall League is an off-season league owned and operated by Major League Baseball[1] which operates during the autumn in Arizona, United States, at six different baseball complexes.[1] The Arizona Fall League attracts many of the top prospects in minor league baseball.


Each August, Major League Baseball clubs hold a position draft[1] to determine the players who will go to Arizona. Most are Double-A and Triple-A Minor League players.[1] Each club can opt to send two players below Double-A. Foreign players are allowed, as long as the player is not on his native country's primary protected player list. The league is designed for these prospects to refine their skills and perform in game settings in front of major and minor league baseball scouts and team executives, who are in attendance at almost every game. Play begins shortly after the end of MLB's regular season in early October and ends in mid-November with a championship game between the winners of the East and West divisions.

The Arizona Fall League teams are each affiliated with five separate Major League teams; each affiliated Major League team provides seven players who team up to fill the 35-man roster of each team.[1] Additionally, teams may elect to send Taxi Squad players who are only eligible on Wednesdays and Saturdays. MLB teams also provide managers, coaches, and trainers.[1]

Notable players

A number of famous ballplayers have had stints in the Arizona Fall League. In 1994, the league got worldwide attention as Michael Jordan's second professional baseball league, when he played for the Scottsdale Scorpions. Other notable ballplayers who have played in the Arizona Fall League include Derek Jeter, Dustin Pedroia, Mike Piazza, Albert Pujols, Jimmy Rollins, Bryce Harper, and David Wright.

2015 teams

Division Team Major League Affiliates City Stadium Capacity
East Mesa Solar Sox Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Oakland Athletics, Miami Marlins, Tampa Bay Rays Mesa, Arizona Sloan Park 15,000
Salt River Rafters Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, New York Mets, Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Nationals Scottsdale, Arizona Salt River Fields at Talking Stick 11,000
Scottsdale Scorpions Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, San Francisco Giants Scottsdale, Arizona Scottsdale Stadium 11,200
West Peoria Javelinas Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Orioles, Cincinnati Reds, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners Peoria, Arizona Peoria Sports Complex 10,714
Surprise Saguaros Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers, New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals, Texas Rangers Surprise, Arizona Salt River Fields at Talking Stick 11,000
Glendale Desert Dogs Chicago White Sox, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates Glendale, Arizona Camelback Ranch 10,300

Championship history

Year Champion Runner-Up
1992 Sun Cities Solar Sox Phoenix Desert Dogs
1993 Tempe Rafters Tucson Javelinas
1994 Peoria Javelinas Mesa Saguaros
1995 Mesa Saguaros Sun Cities Solar Sox
1996 Scottsdale Scorpions Mesa Saguaros
1997 Peoria Javelinas Grand Canyon Rafters
1998 Sun Cities Solar Sox Grand Canyon Rafters
1999 Mesa Solar Sox Maryvale Saguaros
2000 Grand Canyon Rafters Phoenix Desert Dogs
2001 Phoenix Desert Dogs Grand Canyon Rafters
2002 Peoria Javelinas Scottsdale Scorpions
2003 Mesa Solar Sox Mesa Desert Dogs
2004 Phoenix Desert Dogs Scottsdale Scorpions
2005 Phoenix Desert Dogs Surprise Scorpions
2006 Phoenix Desert Dogs Grand Canyon Rafters
2007 Phoenix Desert Dogs Surprise Rafters
2008 Phoenix Desert Dogs Mesa Solar Sox
2009 Peoria Javelinas Phoenix Desert Dogs
2010 Scottsdale Scorpions Peoria Javelinas
2011 Salt River Rafters Surprise Saguaros
2012 Peoria Javelinas Salt River Rafters
2013 Surprise Saguaros Mesa Solar Sox
2014 Salt River Rafters Peoria Javelinas
2015 Scottsdale Scorpions Surprise Saguaros

Most Valuable Player award

First presented in 2002 and named for Joe Black of the Brooklyn Dodgers, the award honors the 1952 National League Rookie of the Year.[2]

Joe Black MVP Award winners
Year Player Organization Position Team Ref
2002 Harvey, KenKen Harvey Kansas City Royals First baseman Scottsdale Scorpions
2003 Dubois, JasonJason Dubois Chicago Cubs Outfielder Mesa Solar Sox
2004 Shelton, ChrisChris Shelton Detroit Tigers Designated hitter Grand Canyon Rafters
2005 Duncan, EricEric Duncan New York Yankees Third baseman Grand Canyon Rafters
2006 Cannon, ChipChip Cannon Toronto Blue Jays First baseman Phoenix Desert Dogs
2007 Fuld, SamSam Fuld Chicago Cubs Outfielder Mesa Solar Sox
2008 Hanson, TommyTommy Hanson Atlanta Braves Pitcher Mesa Solar Sox
2009 Desme, GrantGrant Desme Oakland Athletics Outfielder Phoenix Desert Dogs
2010 Ackley, DustinDustin Ackley Seattle Mariners Second baseman Peoria Javelinas [3]
2011 Arenado, NolanNolan Arenado Colorado Rockies Third baseman Salt River Rafters
2012 McGuiness, ChrisChris McGuiness Texas Rangers First baseman Surprise Saguaros
2013 Bryant, KrisKris Bryant Chicago Cubs Third baseman Mesa Solar Sox
2014 Bird, GregGreg Bird New York Yankees First baseman Scottsdale Scorpions [4]
2015 Engel, AdamAdam Engel Chicago White Sox Outfielder Glendale Desert Dogs

Stenson Award

The Dernell Stenson Sportsmanship Award was created in 2004, in memory of Dernell Stenson,[5] an outfielder for the Scottsdale Scorpions (Cincinnati Reds), who was killed in a carjacking on November 5, 2003. The award is voted on by the managers and coaches of the six Arizona Fall League teams.[6]

Stenson Award Winners
Year Player Organization Position Team Ref
2004 Teahen, MarkMark Teahen Kansas City Royals Third baseman Phoenix Desert Dogs [6]
2005 Ethier, AndreAndre Ethier Oakland Athletics Outfielder Phoenix Desert Dogs [6]
2006 Frandsen, KevinKevin Frandsen San Francisco Giants Infielder Scottsdale Scorpions [6]
2007 Fuld, SamSam Fuld Chicago Cubs Outfielder Mesa Solar Sox [6]
2008 Donald, JasonJason Donald Philadelphia Phillies Infielder Mesa Solar Sox [6]
2009 Mitchell, RussRuss Mitchell Los Angeles Dodgers First baseman Peoria Javelinas [6]
2010 Lombardozzi, Jr., SteveSteve Lombardozzi, Jr. Washington Nationals Third baseman Scottsdale Scorpions [6]
2011 Mattison, KevinKevin Mattison Miami Marlins Outfielder Surprise Saguaros [6]
2012 Kimball, ColeCole Kimball Washington Nationals Pitcher Salt River Rafters [6]
2013 Cecchini, GarinGarin Cecchini Boston Red Sox Third baseman Surprise Saguaros [6]
2014 Kivlehan, PatrickPatrick Kivlehan Seattle Mariners Third baseman Surprise Saguaros [7]
2015 Rivera, YadielYadiel Rivera Milwaukee Brewers Infielder Surprise Saguaros [8]

Hall of Fame

The Arizona Fall League Hall of Fame was created in 2001. The AFL has had over 1,200 players who came through the league reach Major League Baseball. Additionally, 18 former AFL||Managers/players have gone on to manage a Major League club after managing in the league. To be considered by the selection committee, a player must be recognized at Major League Baseball level as a Rookie of the Year, a Most Valuable Player, an All-Star, or a Gold Glove or Silver Slugger Award winner.

Year Inductee AFL Year AFL Team Role
2001 Baker, DustyDusty Baker 1992 Scottsdale Scorpions Manager
2001 Garciaparra, NomarNomar Garciaparra 1994 Scottsdale Scorpions Shortstop
2001 Jeter, DerekDerek Jeter 1994 Chandler Diamondbacks Shortstop
2001 Piazza, MikeMike Piazza 1992 Sun Cities Solar Sox Catcher
2002 Giambi, JasonJason Giambi 1994 Peoria Javelinas First baseman
2002 Manuel, JerryJerry Manuel 1994 Maryvale Saguaros Manager
2003 Green, ShawnShawn Green 1992 Scottsdale Scorpions Outfielder
2003 Helton, ToddTodd Helton 1996 Peoria Javelinas First baseman
2003 Scioscia, MikeMike Scioscia 1997 Peoria Javelinas Manager
2004 Anderson, GarretGarret Anderson 1993 Tempe Rafters Outfielder
2004 Peña, TonyTony Peña 2000 Maryvale Saguaros Manager
2004 Pujols, AlbertAlbert Pujols 2000 Scottsdale Scorpions Third baseman
2005 Percival, TroyTroy Percival 1992 Scottsdale Scorpions Pitcher
2005 Francona, TerryTerry Francona 1992
Grand Canyon Rafters
Scottsdale Scorpions
2006 Halladay, RoyRoy Halladay 1998 Grand Canyon Rafters Pitcher
2006 Little, GradyGrady Little 1992 Grand Canyon Rafters Manager
2006 Soriano, AlfonsoAlfonso Soriano 1998 Grand Canyon Rafters Second baseman
2007 Dye, JermaineJermaine Dye 1995 Sun Cities Solar Sox Outfielder
2007 Lee, DerrekDerrek Lee 1995-1996 Sun Cities Solar Sox First baseman
2007 Macha, KenKen Macha 1994 Tempe Rafters Manager
2007 Hunter, ToriiTorii Hunter 1998 Phoenix Desert Dogs Outfielder
2008 Rollins, JimmyJimmy Rollins 2000 Maryvale Saguaros Shortstop
2008 Wedge, EricEric Wedge 1993 Tucson Javelinas Catcher
2009 Giles, BrianBrian Giles 1994 Sun Cities Solar Sox Outfielder
2010 Carpenter, ChrisChris Carpenter 1996 Phoenix Desert Dogs Pitcher
2010 Young, MichaelMichael Young 2000 Grand Canyon Rafters Shortstop
2011 Howard, RyanRyan Howard 2004 Phoenix Desert Dogs First baseman
2011 Konerko, PaulPaul Konerko 1996 Sun Cities Solar Sox First baseman
2012 Lowe, DerekDerek Lowe 1993
Sun Cities Solar Sox
Peoria Javelinas
2012 Teixeira, MarkMark Teixeira 2002 Peoria Javelinas Third baseman
2012 Washington, RonRon Washington 1992
Sun Cities Solar Sox
Tucson Javelinas
2013 Erstad, DarinDarin Erstad 1995 Tempe Rafters Outfielder
2013 Melvin, BobBob Melvin 1999 Maryvale Saguaros Manager
2013 Pedroia, DustinDustin Pedroia 2004 Scottsdale Scorpions Shortstop
2014 Crawford, CarlCarl Crawford 2001 Maryvale Saguaros Outfielder
2014 Holliday, MattMatt Holliday 2002–2003 Mesa Solar Sox Outfielder
2015 McCutchen, AndrewAndrew McCutchen 2007 Phoenix Desert Dogs Outfielder
2015 Utley, ChaseChase Utley 2002 Grand Canyon Rafters Second Baseman
Ref: 2001–2013 2014 2015

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