Art of Life 1993.12.31 Tokyo Dome

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Art of Life 1993.12.31 Tokyo Dome
File:Art of LifeDVD.jpg
Video by X Japan
Released September 24, 2003
Recorded Tokyo Dome, December 30-31, 1993
Genre Symphonic power metal, Progressive metal
Length 34
Label Atlantic
X Japan chronology
The Last Live Video
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Art of Life 1993.12.31 Tokyo Dome
Aoi Yoru
(2007)Aoi Yoru2007

Art of Life 1993.12.31 Tokyo Dome is a live VHS/DVD released by X Japan on September 24, 2003. It claims to contain the band's "Art of Life" performance on December 31, 1993 at the Tokyo Dome as part of the two-day concert series X Japan Returns (both concerts were released on DVD in their entirety in 2008, see X Japan Returns 1993.12.30 and X Japan Returns 1993.12.31). But this name is misleading as it really is an edited mix of both nights. Most of the video was filmed on December 31, but the piano solo part was filmed on December 30. This is the same version that appeared on Art of Life Live five years earlier. Some parts of Toshi's vocals were touched up by studio software to make up for the apparent faults at both live concerts.

A limited edition containing a photobook and a CD containing an "Endless Rain" rehearsal at the studio in Los Angeles was also released the same day.[1]

Track listing

  1. "Art of Life" – 34:08-10


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