Aston Butterworth

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United Kingdom Aston Butterworth
Founded 1952
Base United Kingdom
Team principal(s) Bill Aston
Founder(s) Bill Aston
Archie Butterworth
Former series World Drivers' Championship
Noted drivers United Kingdom Bill Aston
United Kingdom Robin Montgomerie-Charrington
Folded 1954

Aston Butterworth was a Formula Two constructor from the United Kingdom, which competed in the seasons 1952-1953 when the World Drivers' Championship was run to Formula Two regulations. The team participated in four World Championship Grands Prix.

The project was instigated by Bill Aston, who decided to build a car for Formula Two. The chassis was a copy of a Formula Two Cooper,[1] fitted with a flat-four engine devised by Archie Butterworth. The car made its debut in April 1952 in the Lavant Cup at Goodwood,[2] finishing eighth with Aston at the wheel. In May, a second car was added, driven by Robin Montgomerie-Charrington, who achieved the team's best finish, a third place at Chimay in June. This car was designated NB42 and as of May 2015 was in its original specification.[3]

Aston entered the car, fitted with Allard-Steyr cylinder heads and a new carburettor,[4] in the 1952 German Grand Prix. He withdrew on lap two after losing oil pressure.[4] Aston continued to appear in races throughout the 1953 season, but there was never enough money to develop the program properly. A major problem was the supply of fuel - the Aston Butterworth sometimes had fuel starvation, and sometimes caught on fire.[1] When the new F1 regulations came in 1954, Aston-Butterworth ceased participating.

File:Aston Butterworth.JPG
Aston Butterworth NB42 displayed at Motor Sport at the Palace Crystal Palace circuit, 25 May 2015

Complete World Championship results


Year Chassis Engine Tyres Driver 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1952 Aston NB42 Butterworth F4 Dunlop SUI 500 BEL FRA GBR GER NED ITA
United Kingdom Robin Montgomerie-Charrington Ret
Aston NB41 United Kingdom Bill Aston DNP Ret DNQ


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