Atanu Bhuyan

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Atanu Bhuyan
Born October 12, 1963
Tezpur, Assam
Occupation Journalist

Atanu Bhuyan (born in Tezpur, Assam, India) was a journalist based in Assam, northeast India. He is known as the most controversial and hated journalist of Assam for his derogatory remarks on ladies via Twitter & Facebook.[1][2][3] There was a massive campaign on Twitter demanding Atanu Bhuyan's resignation[4] and finally he had to resign his position as editor-in-chief of News Live.[5] After his resignation he was also removed from the Board of the Directors or NewsLive.[6]


On 15 May 1998, Atanu Bhuyan was arrested by Assam police personnel[7] when he was working as executive editor of the Guwahati-based daily 'Ajir Batori' for making fake news. Editor Dhiren Chakravarty and publisher Rajendra Prasad Bora were also arrested along with him. They were charged with defaming Parliament after the publication, two months previously, of an article critical of Parliament.

Facebook controversy

Representatives from the Tai-Ahom community in Assam alleged that Atanu Bhuyan posted derogatory comments against Ahom lady on his Facebook wall in late 2011. Atanu Bhuyan, editor-in-chief of News Live, a private local satellite channel, however, said someone had hacked into his Facebook account.[8]

Guwahati molestation case

Atanu Bhuyan, the editor-in-chief of the channel which videographed the molestation of a girl outside a pub in Guwahati, resigned on 17 July 2012 after expressing doubts over impartial enquiry into the allegations that a journalist had instigated the incident. Next to the date, Atanu Bhuyan was suspended from the Board of Directors of the NewsLive.[5]

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