Atlético de Rafaela

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Atlético de Rafaela
Logotipo Oficial y Escudo del Club Atlético de Rafaela.svg
Full name Asociación Mutual Social y
Deportiva Atlético de Rafaela
Nickname(s) La Crema
Founded 13 January 1907; 112 years ago (1907-01-13)
Ground Estadio Nuevo Monumental
Rafaela, Santa Fe Province
Ground Capacity 14.660[1]
Chairman Homero Ingaramo[2]
Manager Jorge Burruchaga[3]
League Primera División
2015 29th

Asociación Mutual Social y Deportiva Atlético de Rafaela (locally: [asosjaˈsjon muˈtwal soˈsjal i deporˈtiβa aˈtletiko ðe rafaˈela]; usually known simply as Atlético de Rafaela) is an Argentine sports club from the city of Rafaela, in Santa Fe Province. The club is mostly known for its football team, which currently plays in the Primera División, the top level of Argentine football league system.

Other sports practised at the institution are basketball, field hockey, gymnastics, roller skating, fronton, skeet shooting, swimming, tennis and volleyball.[4]


Under the name Club Atlético Argentino de Rafaela, the club was founded in the city of Rafaela, Santa Fe Province in 1907 . In 1915 the name was changed to Club Atlético de Rafaela. The Monumental de Barrio Alberdi concrete stadium was erected in 1951.

The club was turned into a non-profit organization in 1988, and renamed Asociación Mutual Social y Deportiva Atlético de Rafaela ("Social and Sport Association Rafaela Athletic"). Only a year later Rafaela reached the second division after defeating Atlético Ledesma by 3–0 with goals scored by López (20 ST and 40ST) and Poelman (35ST).[5]

Atlético de Rafaela played 14 years in the second division until the team won the Apertura 2002 and the Clausura 2003 to finally reach first division. After losing the promoción against Huracán de Tres Arroyos, Atlético de Rafaela was relegated to the second division again.

The following season Atlético lost its chance to return to the first division, after losing the promoción, against Argentinos Juniors.

In 2009 Rafaela earned another chance to return to the Primera División via a playoff against Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata. After winning the first final 3–0, Rafaela lost the second match by the same score (0–3), and had to stay in the second division once again.

Atlético de Rafaela fans are referred as Cremosos or Celestes, as well as the group of people that follows the team everywhere is known as La Barra de los Trapos .

The institution has also an important car racing circuit since 1919, which hosts many competitions including Turismo Carretera (since 1941) and TC 2000 (since 1983).

The 21st of May 2011, after defeating Atlético Tucumán by 2–0 with goals scored by Carniello and Castro, they earned a spot back on the first division for the 2011–12 season.[6]


Current squad

Current squad of Atlético de Rafaela as of February 5, 2015 (edit)
Sources: BDFA and Argentine Soccer

No. Position Player
1  ARG GK Axel Werner
2  ARG DF Rodrigo Colombo
3  ARG DF Norberto Paparatto
4  ARG DF Leonardo Gody
5  ARG MF Mateo Castellano
6  ARG DF Víctor Rubén López
7  ARG MF Agustín Díaz
8  ARG MF Germán Rodríguez Rojas
9  ARG FW Federico Anselmo
10  ARG MF Gabriel Graciani
11  ARG MF Esteban Orfano
12  ARG GK Guido Rosetti
13  ARG MF Diego Montiel
14  URU MF Emiliano Romero
15  ARG DF Nelson Benítez
No. Position Player
16  URU DF Mathías Abero
17  ARG FW Facundo Parra
18  ARG FW Sergio Sosa
19  ARG MF Santiago Paz
20  ARG DF Bruno Urribarri
21  URU FW Gaston Colmán
22  URU DF Sebastián Rodrigo Martínez
23  ARG FW Ignacio Pussetto
24  ARG DF Joel Sacks
25  ARG GK German Montoya
26  ARG DF Gabriel Morales
27  CHI DF Matías Catalán
28  ARG MF Federico Scoppa
29  ARG MF Walter Serrano
30  ARG MF Gianfranco Ferrero

Notable players

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To appear in this section a player must have either played at least 50 games for the club, set a club record or played for their national team.



Current Board

Executive Board 2014–2016[36]



2002–03,[38] 2010–11[39]
  • Copa Ciudad de Rosario: 1
  • Copa Centenario Patronato de Paraná: 1


  1. Maximum goal scorer of the club with 56 goals.
  2. Foreign player with highest number of appearances (124 matches) with the club.[7]
  3. Foreign player with second highest number or appearances (98 matches) with the club.[7]
  4. Foreign player with third highest number or appearances (35 matches) with the club.[7]
  5. Highest number of appearances with the team with 312 games played[8]
  6. Highest number of appearances with in the Primera División Argentina, with 35 games.
  7. Foreign player with fourth highest number of appearances (35 matches) with the club.[7]
  8. Top goalscorer of the Primera B Nacional 2010–2011 season, with 21 goals.[9]
  9. Scored the goal of the victory against Colón in a match tiebreak.[10]


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