Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
File:ANSTO logo.gif
ANSTO logo
Agency overview
Formed 1987
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction Commonwealth of Australia
Headquarters Lucas Heights, Australia
Employees 1,000+
Minister responsible
Agency executives
  • Jim McDowell, Chairman
  • Adi Paterson, Chief Executive Officer

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) is a statutory body of the Australian government, formed in 1987 to replace the Australian Atomic Energy Commission. Its head office and main facilities are in southern outskirts of Sydney at Lucas Heights, in the Sutherland Shire. It also operated the now closed National Medical Cyclotron at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.


The Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation (ANSTO) is Australia's national nuclear organisation and the centre of Australian nuclear expertise. The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Act 1987 (Cth) prescribes its general purpose. The purpose is translated into action through corporate drivers of vision, mission and strategic goals.

Mission statement

  • To support the development and implementation of government policies and initiatives in nuclear and related areas, domestically and internationally
  • To operate nuclear science and technology based facilities, for the benefit of industry and the Australian and international research community
  • To undertake research that will advance the application of nuclear science and technology
  • To apply nuclear science, techniques and expertise to address Australia 's environmental challenges and increase the competitiveness of Australian industry
  • To manufacture and advance the use of radiopharmaceuticals which will improve the health of Australians


ANSTO is governed by a Board of Directors chaired by former CEO of BAE Systems Saudi Arabia, James "Jim" McDowell.[1] Erica Smyth from uranium exploration company Toro Energy is the Deputy Chair. The CEO, Dr Adrian "Adi" Paterson, manages the organisation.[2]

ANSTO has four research institutes:

  1. The Bragg Institute
  2. The Institute for Environmental Research (IER)
  3. The Institute of Materials Engineering (IME)
  4. ANSTO Life Sciences

Major research instruments include:

ANSTO also manufactures radiopharmaceuticals and performs commercial work such as silicon doping by nuclear transmutation.

Nuclear Reactors

ANSTO currently has two nuclear reactors onsite: HIFAR and the new OPAL from the Argentine company INVAP. HIFAR was permanently shut down on 30 January 2007. OPAL became operational in November 2006 and was officially opened 20 April 2007.


ANTARES, (Australian National Tandem Accelerator for Applied Research), is a particle accelerator operated by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation or ANSTO at the research establishment at Lucas Heights. ANTARES does not produce radioisotopes, that work is done using the adjacent nuclear research reactor, and also at the National Medical Cyclotron also run by ANSTO but located at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

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