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Dance Film - "Part 1" - Matt Cornell

Contemporary dance in Australia is diverse with dance companies performing a broad range of what elsewhere may be termed contemporary and modern dance styles.

Reduced funding (from the Federal Government level down) has led to a reduction in the ability to sustain full-time employment to dancers, with only 5 companies in Australia that may offer a full year contract.[citation needed] All other companies work on a project basis with artists contracted for a set period of time, ranging from days to months, with no guarantee of further employment. Other funding sources include project specific funding for a dance work by example by a festival or performance venue to raise the expenses required to bring it to fruition.

Dance film

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Dance film provides one mode of contemporary dance in Australia with the ReelDance Festival,[1] being the main avenue, with other opportunities being through installations at venues such as night clubs, back alley's to art galleries, shown as part of a live performance, or sometimes purchased for home viewing.

On television

So You Think You Can Dance Australia has drawn criticism for poorly representing dance as an art form.[2]

ABC1 broadcasts contemporary dance as part of its Sunday Arts programming.


Australian contemporary dance companies include:


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