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Type Weekly magazine
Owner(s) Haymarket Consumer Media
Editor Edd Straw
Founded 1950; 72 years ago (1950)
ISSN 0269-946X

Autosport is a weekly magazine covering motorsport, published in the United Kingdom every Thursday by Haymarket Consumer Media. It was first published on 25 August 1950 by Gregor Grant, immediately prior to the Silverstone International Trophy meeting of that year. ISSN 0269-946X


Name Start End
Gregor Grant August 1950 March 1968
Simon Taylor April 1968 August 1971
Richard Feast August 1971 November 1973
Ian Phillips November 1973 April 1976
Quentin Spurring May 1976 November 1981
Mark Hughes November 1981 November 1983
Quentin Spurring November 1983 March 1988
Peter Foubister April 1988 January 1992
Andy Hallbery February 1992 April 1993
Bruce Jones April 1993 June 1996
Laurence Foster June 1996 February 1998
Mark Skewis February 1998 March 2000
Anthony Rowlinson March 2000 February 2002
Laurence Foster February 2002 January 2004
John McIlroy January 2004 October 2005
Andrew van de Burgt November 2005 July 2011
Charles Bradley[1] July 2011 November 2014
Edd Straw December 2014

Staff contributors

Its current editor is Edd Straw, having assumed the role from Charles Bradley in late 2014. Previous editor-in-chief Andrew van de Burgt,[2] oversaw a comprehensive relaunch of the magazine in March 2009. Cartoonist Jim Bamber was one of its other regular contributors, with his cartoons of motorsport news topics until his death due to cancer in June 2014 .[3] Another cartoonist to have a regular appearance from 1970 to 1994,[4] when Bamber took over his regular slot following his battle with cancer, is Barry Foley, with his Team Catchpole strip.[5]

The team's current roster of staff journalists includes F1 Group Editor Jonathan Noble, Assistant F1 Editor Ben Anderson, Deputy Editor Marcus Simmons, editor Glenn Freeman, Features Editor Scott Mitchell and Rallies Editor David Evans.

As well as covering all significant worldwide motorsport events, Autosport also covers the UK national, club and historic racing scene in the "Club Autosport" section, which includes a weekly column by Marcus Pye. Autosport also organizes the McLaren Autosport BRDC Young Driver Award for young British racing drivers. David Coulthard and Jenson Button are both on the list of previous winners.


In addition to the magazine, the publishers also maintain a website which covers much of the same area. In 2005, took over AtlasF1, a rival Formula One news website. For a short time the website was called Autosport-Atlas but in January 2006 the name changed back to

Autosport International

The same company also organises a motorsport-themed exhibition called Autosport International, which has taken place every January at the NEC Birmingham, UK, since 1991. It reflects the magazine's coverage with displays from karting and grassroots motorsport to GTs and Formula One. There is also a Live Action area. Most industry players have presence there. It's the largest such exhibition in the world.

Autosport Asia Edition

In April 2011, Autosport re-launched Autosport Asia Edition. It is published by Bespoke Media Pte Ltd in Singapore. It is a monthly magazine instead of a weekly and the aim is that it will carry over most of the month's content from the British edition, as well as placing a very strong emphasis on the Asian motorsport scene.

Autosport Russian Edition

On 11 February 2013, launched Autosport Russian Edition.[6]

Autosport Arabic Edition

On 1 November 2013, launched Autosport Arabic Edition.[2]

Autosport French Edition

On 3 April 2014, launched Autosport French Edition.[7]

Japanese Autosport

See AUTOSPORT in Japanese wikipedia

Autosport shares the same name with the Japanese weekly magazine, AUTOSPORT (オートスポーツ?), which was first published in 1964. The Japanese magazine covers the same topic but there is no relation with the British magazine.

Autosport Awards


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