Azerbaijan Medical University

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Azerbaijan Medical University
Azərbaycan Tibb Universiteti
Established 1930
Type Public
Rector Ahliman Tapdıq oglu Amiraslanov
Academic staff
Students 8000
Location Baku, Azerbaijan
Campus Urban

Azerbaijan Medical University, named after Nariman Narimanov (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Tibb Universiteti) is the formal name of the public medical school located in Baku, Azerbaijan. Due to difficulties with translation, the school is sometimes called: Azerbaijan Medical University, Azerbaijan State Medical University, Azerbaijan State Medical Institute, or simply Medical University, with any of the preceding including the "named after N. Narimanov" or full "Nariman Narimanov". The school is named after Nariman Narimanov, a famous Azeri in Soviet politics, notably Party Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Soviet Union.

Founded in 1930, the medical school grew out of the Department of Medicine of Baku State University. The school has 8000 students in 74 academic departments, with a faculty of scientists, physicians and lecturers numbering just over 1000.


The university is a member of the Caucasus University Association.[1]

Information for International Applicants

1. The academic year (first semester) starts on the 15th of September for undergraduate levels and on the 1st of October for postgraduate levels. You should submit all your documents between the 20th of August and the 10th of September.

2. You have to submit the following documents: - Passport; - Legalized copy of your high school or bachelor diploma (Apostille); - Notarized translation of your high school or bachelor diploma and transcript to Azerbaijani in 2 (two) copies; - IELTS or TOEFL certificate (IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL 40 points for undergraduate level and IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 50 points for postgraduate level) – for English education language only - 8 (eight) 3x4 cm size photos on red matte background.

Note: For Iranian citizens only! You should have a score of at least 15 points on the natural sciences portion of your High School examination to apply to the AMU undergraduate program. Note: For Turkish citizens only! You should have a score of at least 180 points in “saysal 2 puanı” to apply to the AMU undergraduate program.

3. We can send you an invitation letter to obtain an entry visa in consulate of Azerbaijan in your country. If you need an invitation letter please, apply to the Dean’s Office for International Students before applying for a visa to the Azerbaijan Embassy.

4. Legalization of your diploma (Apostille) is usually carried out by the authorized state body of the country, which issued your education documents along with your transcripts. You should consult a lawyer in your country regarding this issue.

5. Translation and notarization of your documents is available in ASAN State service or any notary's office after you have arrived in Azerbaijan.

6. Duration of undergraduate level education: - 6 years for MD course (General medicine faculty); - 5 years for Dentistry faculty; - 5 years for Prophylactic Healthcare faculty; - 4 years for Pharmacy faculty;

7. We also have a postgraduate program (Master's degree and Residency) for international students. Postgraduate education courses last from 2 to 5 years depending on specialty.

8. Tuition fee for each academic year is: - 3500 Azerbaijani Manats (AZN) for preparation course; - 4000 AZN for undergraduate level (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Prophylactic Healthcare Faculties); - 4000 AZN for postgraduate (Master’s Degree) level (Pharmacy Faculty only); - 5000 AZN for postgraduate (Residency) level (all other specialties). - 5000 AZN for all PhD programs.

Note: According to new rules, each academic year must be fully prepaid before classes begin. This payment is not refundable.

9. After complete submission of documents and full prepayment for the first academic year, we will help you to get a 1-year student visa. To get the visa you should also pass a medical checkup with according certification (Hepatitis A, B, C and HIV test) issued by the authorized clinic of State Migration Service of Azerbaijan Republic.

10. One year preparation course for undergraduate (MD) levels is mandatory if you choose Azerbaijani or Russian education only. For English education, the preparation course it is not mandatory if you have a language certificate for levels required or graduated from a high school with education in English. In all other cases you have to pass the preparation course as well.

11. If you graduated from a high school with education in Russian, you can submit your documents directly for the first year (only for Russian language education). For English and Azerbaijani language education, you must pass the preparation course first.

12. For postgraduate education, the preparation course is not mandatory if you choose English and have a language certificate for levels required. Otherwise, you have to pass a one-year preparation course.

13. We can also provide a hostel for your study period upon your request. The price for one bed in a shared room with a toilet is 1000 AZN per year.

Dean’s Office for International Students: 23, Bakikhanov str., AZ 1022, Baku, Azerbaijan Tel/Fax: (+99412) 597-38-57


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