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Balisto vier Riegel.jpg
Four different flavors of Balisto
Creator(s) Mars, Incorporated
Type chocolate
Main ingredient(s) Digestive biscuit, cream, milk chocolate

Balisto is a wholemeal biscuit bar snack manufactured by Mars, Incorporated, consisting of a digestive biscuit centre and a variety of milky cream toppings, and coated in milk chocolate.

Normally, there are two fingers in a package, though the multipack contains nine fingers wrapped individually. They are available in Ireland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Slovenia and Italy. In Spring 2011, the bars were introduced to the United Kingdom[citation needed]

When the Balisto bar was released in 1981 it was produced by Mars, Incorporated in West Germany. Its name supposedly alludes to its dietary fibre content ("Ballaststoffe" in German). The R& D person responsible for the launch was British, Stuart Cato and the Marketing Manager was the late Bernd Rehm a German.


Balisto is available in several different flavours, each with their own colour. Not all flavours are available everywhere. A partial list:

  • Corn/Cereal-mix (orange wrapper): plain digestive biscuit covered with chocolate
  • Muesli-mix (green wrapper): milk cream topping with raisins and hazelnuts
  • Grain-mix (red wrapper)
  • Yoghurt and berries-mix (purple wrapper): yoghurt cream topping with red berries
  • Almond and honey-mix (yellow wrapper)
  • Cocos-mix (brown wrapper)
  • Hazelnut (blue wrapper)
  • Spekulatius-Christmas cookie (dark red wrapper)
  • Strawberry yoghurt-mix (red wrapper) (available in Germany)
  • Yoghurt with white chocolate (white and pink wrapper) (Limited Edition)
  • Yoghurt with strawberry and white chocolate (white and red wrapper) (available in Germany)