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Barnhouse Effect Co., Ltd (株式会社バーンハウスエフェクト), or BHE, is a Japanese video game developer and CG production company based in Tokyo. Most of their work has been for Takara, notably Choro Q games for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 consoles.

Name origins

The name "Barnhouse Effect" originates from the short story Report on the Barnhouse Effect by Kurt Vonnegut in which a professor, Arthur Barnhouse, develops telekinetic techniques.

Developed games


PlayStation 2

  • Choro Q HG (2000)
    • Gadget Racers (2001) (US version)
    • Penny Racers (2002) (PAL version)
  • Shin Combat Choro Q (2002)
    • Seek and Destroy (2002) (US version)
    • Seek and Destroy (2003) (PAL version)
  • Choro Q HG 4 (2003)
    • ChoroQ (2004) (US version)
    • ChoroQ (2005) (PAL version)
  • Choro Q Works (2005)


CG productions

Video games


  • I-mode site Choro Q waiting screen

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