Barry B. Longyear

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Barry B. Longyear

Barry B. Longyear (born 1942) is a United States writer and novelist who resides in Maine.


He is best known for the Hugo and Nebula Award winning novella Enemy Mine, which was subsequently made into an identically titled movie and a novelization in collaboration with David Gerrold. The story tells of an encounter between a human and an alien soldier, whose races are in a state of war. They are marooned together in space and have to come to grips with the universal problem of facing and accepting xenophobia. A greatly expanded version of the original novella as well as two novels completing the trilogy, The Tomorrow Testament and The Last Enemy are gathered with additional materials into The Enemy Papers.

The original novella, in part, helped Longyear to win the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer for 1980. He is the only writer to win the Hugo, the Nebula, and the Campbell in the same year. (Contrast the other SF "triple crown" winner: William Gibson with the Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K. Dick Award in 1984.)

He also wrote the Circus World and Infinity Hold series, several stand-alone novels, numerous short stories, and two books for the Alien Nation novelisation series. His trilogy "Infinity Hold," "Kill All the Lawyers," and "Keep the Law," was released in 2002 in a single paperback volume titled Infinity Hold 3 by the Author's Guild in a edition. His recent Jaggers & Shad mystery stories, featuring two detectives in the Artificial Beings Crimes Division (Devon Office) are set mostly in Exeter and the surrounding Devon countryside and villages. The first of the tales, "The Good Kill" won the Analog AnLab award for Best Novella in 2006 and "Murder In Parliament Street" won the same award for 2007.

The Circus World series chronicles the path taken by a space-going circus troupe whose spaceship crashes, marooning them on a deserted planet with no contact with the outside world.

The Infinity Hold series addresses the question of what type of society would arise from a mob of violent convicts dumped on a new planet with no police or government.

Saint Mary Blue is a novel about the course of treatment of a man who has substance abuse and mental health issues, while resident in a treatment facility.

"The God Box" is a stand-alone fantasy novel where the unlikely protagonist finds himself the keeper of a small wooden box that provides cryptic guidance from the gods. He must stay ahead of a deadly manhunt and play his role in an ancient prophecy. The box, if asked, takes what he doesn’t need and gives him what he does need but what he needs and what he thinks he needs are usually very different which lends itself to humorous and unexpected situations.

Published works

Stand-alone novels


  1. Homecoming (Asimov's Science Fiction Oct 1979) (1980 Hugo nominee) ISBN 978-0595213092
  2. Savage Planet (1981 Hugo & Locus nominee) ISBN 978-0708880920
  3. Chimaera (1993 Locus nominee)
  4. The Death Addict (1994 Locus nominee)
  5. The Hangingstone Rat (2008 AnLab nominee)
  6. The Purloined Labradoodle (2009 AnLab nominee)

Enemy Mine series

  1. Enemy Mine (Asimov's Science Fiction Sep 1979) (1980 Hugo, Nebula & Locus winner) ISBN 978-0595309764
  2. The Tomorrow Testament (1983) ISBN 978-0595189663
  3. The Last Enemy (1997) ISBN 978-0595348756
  4. Collected in The Enemy Papers with additional material (1998) ISBN 1-56865-949-0

Infinity Hold series

  1. Infinity Hold 1989 ISBN 978-0595092741
  2. Infinity Hold\3 2002 (The complete IH trilogy: Infinity Hold, Kill All the Lawyers, and Keep the Law)

Circus World series

  1. Circus World (1980) ISBN 978-0595189670
  2. City of Baraboo (1980) ISBN 978-0595121205
  3. Elephant Song (1981) ISBN 978-0595121182

Jaggers & Shad mystery series

  1. "The Good Kill" Analog Magazine November, 2006
  2. "The Hangingstone Rat" Analog Magazine October, 2007
  3. "The Purloined Labradoodle" Analog Magazine January/February 2008
  4. "Murder In Parliament Street" Analog Magazine November, 2007

Recovery works

  1. The Monopoly Man Fantasy & Science Fiction, January 2009
  2. Yesterday's Tomorrow: Recovery Meditations For Hard Cases Hazelden, 1997 ISBN 978-1568381602
  3. Saint Mary Blue (Novel set in a treatment facility) SteelDragon Press, 1988 ISBN 978-0595138852

Writing instruction

  1. Science-Fiction Writer's Workshop-I ISBN 978-0595225538
  2. The Write Stuff Online Writing Seminar

Short story collections

  1. Manifest Destiny (including "Enemy Mine" and others in the same future history) ISBN 978-0425045305
  2. It Came from Schenectady ISBN 978-0595201723

Short fiction

  1. "Turning the grain - part 1". Analog. 129 (7&8). Jul–Aug 2009. 
  2. "Turning the grain - part 2". Analog. 129 (9). Sep 2009. 


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