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The base commander is the officer assigned to command a military base. In the United States armed forces, a base commander is generally an O-6 grade officer, meaning Colonel (Army, Air Force, Marines) or Captain (Navy, Coast Guard).

However, in certain instances, typically with smaller installations, a base commander may be of a higher or lower rank depending on the size of the installation.

In the US Army, a base commander is called a Post Commander. A US Army installation sometimes establishes a base defense operations centers to provide a focus point for defense operations.

In the US Air Force, a base commander may either be called an Air Base Wing Commander or a Support Group Commander. If the former, the commander is an independent commander supporting other tenant units; if the latter, the commander is a junior O-6 answering to a more senior O-6 or a general officer serving as the Wing Commander.

In the US Navy, the US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard, the Commanding Officer of a base, station, air station, support activity or other facility in an independent commander, typically supporting one or more tenant units.


Base Commanders in Australia are technically an Officer around OF-6 or that are above command the joint bases. Australian Army and Royal Australia Air force Kapooka Camp Major gen. Bruce Baker Defence Plaza Major Gen. Ryan O'Connor