Baseball Digest

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Baseball Digest
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Editor Bob Kuenster (May 2012)
Frequency 6 per year
First issue  1942 (1942-month)
Company Grandstand Publishing, LLC
Country United States
Based in Evanston, Illinois
Language English
ISSN 0005-609X

Baseball Digest is a baseball magazine resource, published in Evanston, Illinois by Grandstand Publishing, LLC. It is the oldest and longest-running baseball magazine in the United States.

It was created by Herbert F. Simons, a sportswriter for the Chicago Daily Times, in 1942. Simons first published the magazine in August 1942, and served as its editor-in-chief until 1963. In 1981, Joan Whaley was published as its first female contributor.

After publishing on a monthly schedule, it scaled back to eight and then later six times a year (Jan./Feb., Mar./Apr., May/June, Jul./Aug., Sep./Oct., Nov./Dec.)—with National and American League schedules, directories, and pre-season rosters—the magazine provides insights on Major League Baseball history and on current stars, often from one-on-one interviews. In June 2009, a letter to readers in the magazine advised that only six issues per year would be published.

In March 2012, Baseball Digest merged with professional scouting service ProScouting.[1] This merger brought together Baseball Digest's expertise in fan-level publishing with ProScouting’s depth of professional scouting experience just in time for Baseball Digest's 70th Anniversary issue September 4, 2012. The relaunch included major changes to the magazine's format including being published in full-color for the first time, nearly double the editorial content including professional scouting reports by veteran MLB scouts, and a significant increase in newsstand availability.

Other features include batting, pitching and fielding statistics, a "fans speak out" letters section, a "Baseball Profile" of one player, trivia questions in a Quick Quiz, previews, rules review, a crossword puzzle, and analysis of upcoming prospects. In addition, Baseball Digest provides season-ending features on its All-Star rookie team along with player and pitcher of the year ratings.

Its longtime editor, John Kuenster died on April 2, 2012.[2]

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