Bastard Eyes

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Bastard Eyes
File:Bastard Eyes.jpg
Remix album by Zilch
Released March 3, 1999
Genre Industrial rock, alternative rock
Length 63:31
Label Cutting Edge, Rhythm Republic
Zilch chronology
Bastard Eyes

Bastard Eyes is a remix album from the band Zilch, released on March 3, 1999. The tracks on this album are remixes, done by numerous different bands and artists, of the songs from their debut album 3.2.1.. The limited edition reached number 5 on the Oricon chart, while the regular peaked at number 24.[1]


No. Title Length
1. "Electric Kyōdai Jingi Cucumber (ELECTRIC 兄弟仁義 CUCUMBER?) (J Remix)"   6:41
2. "Fuct Fuctrack #6 (Charlie Clouser Remix)"   6:08
3. "Pervert Hound (Pitchshifter Remix)"   5:18
4. "Impose (Praga Khan Remix)"   4:02
5. "Scratch Your Number (DJ Swamp Remix)"   4:40
6. "Hello Hello Hello Goodbye (Ministry & Paul Raven Remix)"   5:13
7. "Repsychle (Tweaker Remix)"   5:45
8. "Listen In Listen Up (Danny Saber & MC Shabba D Remix)"   6:00
9. "Sold Some Attitude (I.N.A., D.I.E. & K.A.Z Remix)"   4:31
10. "Superschaftrack (Schaft Remix)"   3:54
11. "Sleasy Jesus (DJ Swamp, Ray McVeigh & Ryder Remix)"   5:20
12. "Queasy Jesus (Ray McVeigh & Ryder Remix)"   4:34


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