Batteries in space

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Nickel-Hydrogen batteries for Hubble[1]

Chemical batteries are usually used in outer space as a means of power generation. Batteries generate voltage by creating an electric potential between chemicals with different properties. Rechargable batteries can store electricity channeled from an outside source, causing a reverse reaction between these chemicals. The table below lists common battery types used in space.

Battery type Formula Specific energy
Hydrogen Fuel Cell H 275 [2]
Lithium–sulfur dioxide LiSO2 200 [2]
Lithium–thionyl chloride LiSOCl2 200 [2]
Lithium-bromine in thionyl chloride Li-BCX [3]
Lithum-Iron disulfide LiFeS2 [4]
Nickel–cadmium NiCd 30 [2]
Nickel–hydrogen NiH2 60 [2]
Sodium-sulfur Na-S [3]
Silver-cadmium Ag-Cd [3]
Silver–zinc AgZn 100 [2]
Zinc-mercury oxide Zn-HgO [3]

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