Battle of Măcin

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Battle of Măcin
Part of the Russo–Turkish War of 1787–1792
Date 10 July 1791
Location Măcin, present-day Romania
Result Russian victory[1]
Flag of Russia.svg Russian Empire Fictitious Ottoman flag 2.svg Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Nicholas Repnin Yusuf Pasha

The Battle of Măcin, Battle of Maçin or Battle of Matchin was a battle in the Russo–Turkish War of 1787–1792 fought on July 10, 1791, between the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire. The Russians were led by Nicholas Repnin and the Turks were led by Yusuf Pasha. At first, the victory was in doubt, but then the Turkish army was vanquished by a charge of the Russian left, under Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov.


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