Beer in Central America

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Belikin is the leading domestically produced beer brand in Belize.

Costa Rica

The biggest brewery in Costa Rica is the macrobrewery division of Florida Ice & Farm Co., known as Cervecería de Costa Rica, brewers of the Imperial, Pilsen, Bavaria, Rock Ice, Bohemia and Kaiser (non alcoholic) among other varieties and styles of the aforementioned beers. With the exception of Bavaria Dark, all are light-colored, light-bodied lagers.

Since 2010 a healthy craft beer industry has been growing year after year, as of 2015 more than 40 breweries exists in the country, and more than 100 different locally brewed beers are available.

El Salvador

The Salvadorean beers [1] are Pilsener Lager Bier (most prominent brand in the country),[2] Golden Light, Regia "Extra" Lager and Suprema Premium Lager; all manufactured by Cervecevia La Constancia, a subsidiary of SABMiller. The only current competitor is Brahva, a local minor brand distributed by AmBev. Other international brands such as Heineken, Baltika or Corona are offered in the beer market, but also distributed (with lower sales) by the subsidiaries mentioned above.


The most famous beer is Gallo and its varieties Gallo Light and Chopp Gallo among others like Victoria, Dorada Light, Dorada Draft, Montecarlo and Moza all manufactured by Cervecería Centro Americana S.A. locally.


The big Honduran beers are Salva Vida, Imperial, Port Royal and Barena. All four are owned by the Cerveceria Hondureña, owner of the Coca-Cola brand and other drinks. Salva Vida is a lager, Imperial is a dark pilsner, Port Royal is pilsner and Barena is a light pilsner.[3] In 2013 a microbrewery named D&D Brewing Co. began distributing beer in San Pedro Sula, the industrial hub of the country.


Lagers: Toña and Premium. Pilsen: Victoria, Victoria Light and Victoria Frost. All manufactured by the Compañía Cervecera de Nicaragua.[4][5]


Cerveza Panama, Soberana, Cristal, Cerveza Atlas and Balboa; all light body and pale lagers. Also manufactured under license locally other foreign marks how Heineken or Budweiser. see Beers of Panama for details.