Behran Oil Company

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Behran Oil Company
Traded as TSE: NBEH1
Industry Petroleum industry
Founded 1963[1]
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Area served
Key people
Hojjatollah Amani, Managing Director[2]
Number of employees

Behran Oil Company (Persian: شرکت نفت بهران‎‎) is an oil refining company with headquarters in Tehran. Behran has solo representatives in various regions around the Globe such as HOGO Company in Southeast Asia. Its products are exported to more than 40 countries. [1]

History and development

Behran Oil Company was founded in 1963 as a private joint venture with ExxonMobil Company in Iran. The first products of the company were just packing and blending engine oils. The company became independent after the Islamic Revolution. Gradually it was expanded and now the production rate reaches 250,000 tons of base oil for each year,as well as 350,000 tons per year of finished products.In total, the capacity of the company for the production of finished products is more than 500,000 tons per year, meanwhile the quality of the products have been upgraded according to the appropriate advanced international standards and guidelines. It has a 40-43% share of the motor oil market and a 30% share of the industrial lubricant market in Iran. The company also exports about $40 million in finished lubricants,rubber process oils (RPOs)and paraffin waxes to more than 30 countries. Behran Oil Company has been progressively increased its commitment in the field of lubricant production technology through considerable investment in research and development.The development of Behran activities resulted in the establishment of a new plant for the production of special lubricants and antifreezes. [1]

Behran Oil in numbers

Number of employees: 500

Number of employees in outsourcing facilities: 500

Annual sales: $500million

Production capacity of base oil (Group I): 250,000 tons / year

Production capacity of finished products (engine oils and industrial oils) :400,000 tons / year

Market share in engine oils : 43%

Market share in industrial oils: 30%

Annual exports : $40million


The main products of the company are Automotive lubricating oils, Industrial lubricants, Petroleum waxes, AntifreezeAntiboil and Anticorrosion, Rubber process oils, Fuel additives and Greases.[1][3]


Behran Oil Company has qualified for ISO 9001 from SGS, as well as many other health, safety, and environment certificates including ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.[1]


ISO /TS 16949:2009

Year: 2012 From: INQ company


Year: 2012 From: Industrial Management

Management System as per OHSAS 18001 : 2007

Year: 2010 From: TUV NORD

Management System as per EN ISO 14001 : 2004

Year: 2008 From: TUV NORD

EN ISO 14001 : 2004

Year: 2008 From: TUV NORD

Diesel engine oil - Behran Turbodiesel - SAE 15W40

Year: 2003 From: Man Nutzfahrzeuge

Confirm Behran Zagros used in CNG_Engines

Year: 2003 From: Man Nutzfahrzeuge

Confirm Behran SHPD 15W40 as VDS_2

Year: 2002 From: VOLVO

Certificate for Behran turbine oil 46

Year: 2003 From: Alstom

Certificate for Behran Automatic ATF_Dexron II D

Year: 2001 From: Volth turbo

Certificate for Turbine oil grade 46 & Behran Hydraulic oil 46

Year: 2000

Certificate ISO 9001:2008

Year: 2004 From: SGS

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