BenBella Books

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BenBella Books
Founded 2001
Founder Glenn Yeffeth
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Dallas, Texas
Publication types Books
Official website

BenBella Books is an independent publishing house based in Dallas, Texas. BenBella was founded by Glenn Yeffeth in 2001. It specializes in non-fiction books on popular culture,[1] health, and nutrition, along with books on science, politics, psychology, and other topics.

Smart Pop

BenBella publishes the Smart Pop series, a line of essay anthologies on popular culture.[2] Titles include The Science of Dune (2008),[3][4] The Science of Michael Crichton (2008),[5] Grey's Anatomy 101 (2007),[6] and The Psychology of Harry Potter (2007).[7]


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