Benedetto Della Vedova

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Benedetto Della Vedova (Sondrio, April 3, 1962) is an Italian politician, formerly the leader of Liberal Reformers, a minor liberal and libertarian party, and currently member of The Liberal Part, a liberal faction within the centre-right People of Freedom party.


His political experience began in 1994 with the Radicals of Marco Pannella, of whose list (the Pannella List) he had been secretary. He was elected to the European Parliament in 1999 and served as MEP until 2004, when he was the first of the non-elected.

From 2001 to 2003, he was president of the Italian Radicals.

In 2003 he was the strongest challenger to Daniele Capezzone for the leadership of the Italian Radicals, on a platform based on free-market and the hidden proposal of joining Silvio Berlusconi's House of Freedom's coalition.

In 2005 he launched the Liberal Reformers (with Marco Taradash and Peppino Calderisi), after the Radicals had decided to support Romano Prodi and his centre-left coalition The Union.

He was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in the 2006 general election on the list of Forza Italia, being the only member of the Liberal Reformers to take part in the newly elected parliament.

He is the president of Libertiamo.

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