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"A bibliographer is a person who describes and lists books and other publications, with particular attention to such characteristics as authorship, publication date, edition, typography, etc. The result of this endeavor is a bibliography. A person who limits such efforts to a specific field or discipline is a subject bibliographer." [1]

A bibliographer, in the technical meaning of the word, is anyone who writes about books. But the accepted meaning since at least the 18th century is a person who attempts a comprehensive account—sometimes just a list, sometimes a fuller reckoning—of the books written on a particular subject. In the present, bibliography is no longer a career, generally speaking; bibliographies tend to be written on highly specific subjects and by specialists in the field. For the bibliographers in Wikipedia Category:Bibliographers, assembling and categorizing books was either a major professional pursuit or a lifelong avocation.

The term bibliographer is sometimes - in particular subject bibliographer - today used about certain roles performed in libraries[2] and bibliographic databases.


There are more than a hundred bibliographers mentioned in Wikipedia. Search via Category:Bibliographers.

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