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The Bishop of Ramsbury is an episcopal title used by a suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Salisbury, in the Province of Canterbury, England.[1] The title takes its name after the town of Ramsbury in Wiltshire, and was first used between the 10th and 11th centuries by the Anglo-Saxon Bishops of Ramsbury. From the establishment of the Salisbury area scheme in 1981 until its abolition in 2009, the bishops suffragan of Ramsbury were area bishops.[2]

The diocese announced in August 2011 that the Bishop of Salisbury had commissioned (under new national guidelines) a consultation as to whether a new Bishop of Ramsbury should be appointed.[3][4] The appointment of Ed Condry was announced on 19 June 2012.[5]

Saxon diocese

There was previously a Saxon diocese of Ramsbury, led by medieval Catholic bishops of Ramsbury. In Saxon times, the village of Ramsbury in Wiltshire was an extremely important location for the Church, and several of the early bishops went on to become Archbishops of Canterbury.

The ancient bishopric of Ramsbury was created in AD 909 as part of a division of the two West Saxon bishoprics into five smaller ones. Wiltshire and Berkshire were taken from the bishopric of Winchester to form the new diocese of Ramsbury.[6] It was occasionally referred to as the bishopric of Ramsbury and Sonning. In 1058 it was joined with the bishopric of Sherborne to form the diocese of Sarum (Salisbury) and the see was translated to Old Sarum in 1075.

Medieval bishops diocesan

Bishops diocesan of Ramsbury
From Until Incumbent Notes
909 927 Aethelstan
927 942 Oda of Canterbury Translated to Canterbury in 942.
942 949 Ælfric
952 970 Oswulf
970 981 Ælfstan
981 985 Wulfgar
985 990 Sigeric the Serious Translated to Canterbury in 990.
990 995 Ælfric of Abingdon Translated to Canterbury in 995.
995 1045 Saint Bertwald
1045 1075 Herman In exile from 1055–1058 (when the see was administered by Ealdred, Bishop of Worcester.) Also Bishop of Sherborne from 1058.
Herman removed both of his sees to Old Sarum in 1075; for later bishops of that merged diocese, see Bishop of Salisbury.

Modern bishops suffragan

Bishops suffragan of Ramsbury
From Until Incumbent Notes
1974 1988 John Neale b. 1926; first area bishop from 1981
1989 1998 Peter Vaughan b. 1930
1999 2005 Peter Hullah b. 1949
2006 2010 Stephen Conway b. 1957;[7] last area bishop until 2009; translated to Ely.
2012 present Ed Condry b. 1953; nominated on 19 June 2012;[8] consecrated 23 September 2012.[5]


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